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  1. Hardwired for the old apex. The "new 2016 apex" can be updated wirelessly and has built in wireless.
  2. Carbon doser CO2 regulator and masterflex pump to draw water consistently through reactor. Once dialed in it's set it and forget it. Clean out and replace media every 6-12 months depending on reactor size and usage. Refill co2 tank once a year or so again depending on usage.
  3. My brother is looking to start up a tank and ive been acquiring the things he needs. Currently need a cheap sump for a 90g tank. Something in the 30x15x15 size range. Just need something basic. And need a cheap China panel light or similar. Possibly an internal return pump if I can't find one that works in my hoard.
  4. Pretty cool. I had this things big brother? The turboflotor 10000, 6'tall monster. Looked identical to that but much bigger
  5. I'd be interested in it in case of a power outage or ac outrage if no one else needs it. If someone else can use it or needs it, I'd rather them have it.
  6. Tank was looking great but I'm sure you'll have the red sea looking even better! Let me know if there's any "accidental frags" available after the move
  7. Great deal. Surprised no one on here jumped on it.
  8. That is 22 hours of light. Nutrients last checked on tank with no algae scrubber growth were ~1 nitrate and .35 phosphate. No real algae issues in either tank though. No algae scrubber growth tank is 180g sps tank. Tank with lots of growth is 400g soft reef. The surf is much undersized for the 400g probably why growth is so thick.
  9. First time running an algae scrubber. Have 1 of these surfs in each of my tanks. 1 tank grows great (pic shown) other tank I can't seem to get growth on. I think nutrients are too low. Thinking about getting a rain unit for the tank that's growing well.
  10. I wouldn't mind a couple peppermints that actually eat aiptasia. I acquired some rock/coral that have a few aiptasis. Was going to go that nudi branch way but those suckers are pricey for how many they say you need
  11. I don't have Facebook but I am curious how that would be done
  12. Its at the bottom 8" or so of the tank Looks like im living with it!
  13. Nice work! I'm resetting my 180g after Irma whiped both my tanks out and while redoing my rock scape I put my first nice big scratch in the front pane. Any way to remove scratches while filled?
  14. Pretty cool. Where is this you guys go?
  15. Run a carbon reactor. Turn off ato if you have one. Then hook skimmer up with output wide open, if you have a drain line on your skimmer run it into a large waste container or outside. Top off with saltwater. Skimmer will settle down in a few hours.
  16. Question-why have the pvc stick out so far? Why not stub it out right by the house so it's not so noticeble? I would run the pic as close to skimmer as you can then hook up vinyl hose next size up from skimmer line and connect that to the pic so you don't have much air lose.
  17. Well...I had bought a deltec ap902 off a forum...it came in today through UPS...box was crushed in and had a hole in it, opened it up and skimmer body is cracked all the way down the side, one of the pumps volutes is broken, both pumps back covers are broken, and the collection cut is cracked around the rim. They must of thrown it off the back of the truck. So....Now I am waiting to hear from UPS claims to see if they will do anything. But it looks like i am still in the market for a skimmer...
  18. In another reef forum there's a guy I believe called rocket engineer. I followed his basic guideines when building my stand for my 400g tank. I used doubled up 2x6 along front side because I wanted a 4ft wide span between support legs for sump removal. Back side is single 2x6. Legs are all 2x4. And a 3/4" cabinet grade top under the tanm. His design is overkill for most tanks but is super strong.
  19. Interesting. I havent heard anything bad on them recently. But when they first came out there was a ton of horror stories i read-most were the overheating alerts and ramping down. What do you recomend now for a pump of similar size?
  20. Maybe you can answer this then as ive heard conflicting answers. Do the vectras heat up your tank at all? I currently have a reeflo dart and now that my tank is empty and chiller is offline i am surprised to see the empty tank running at about 81 degrees with nothing else running except the 1 return pump. No lights skimmer etc. Id plumb the vectra external most likely as well
  21. I would really like to try an external first. I already have a big internal skimmer I can use if I cant find an external one. As of right now I am still looking. Im also in the market for an ecotech vectra l1
  22. Unfortunately a big new bubble king would be out of my budget lol.
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