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  1. Please check my lamps. I have 4 lamps like here https://www.mrosupply.com/lighting/ballasts/fluorescent-ballasts/1854552_flft521w835_fulham-lighting/ Will it work for the corals? or it depends on the type of corals I want to have? I have not purchased the corals yet. But I plant to buy both soft and hard corals. I do not want to add fish now, maybe later.
  2. Rebecca

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    Thanks, Im new to this hobby. I had a small tank with freshwater fish and now I want to have a big tank with the corals.
  3. Hi everyone, Please, help me identify what lamps I need for the corals. I will buy a new large tank for 90 gal. it is my first reef tank. Id it possibly too adjust the usual T5 panel for them? I used it for the fish tank. And one more question… What sand will stay pure white? Help with the manufacturer. thanks
  4. Rebecca

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    Hello! I’m a new forum member from Orlando. Rebecca
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