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  1. Anyone out there comfortable making acrylic frag tanks? Trying to get something with a ~25-27"x14" footprint. Just a lil something to have in my office. Thought I'd ask if anyone's out there itching to work on a project and make some side money.
  2. Anyone in Cape culling their chaeto this weekend? I'll take some off your hands.
  3. Hey all, The wires in the RJ11 connector for my temp sensor came loose and I'm trying to figure out what position they're supposed to go in. Can someone with this temp sensor post a pic of the RJ11 connector for me, please?
  4. This looks like my kind of sale. If you're free tonight I'd love to swing by and take some of this off of your hands.
  5. We're in the middle of closing on our house and I'm trying to research pool building companies in the area. If anyone has recommendations, good or bad, please let me know. Thanks!!
  6. Bag of rice saved the day. Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. If by chance anyone has one of these LED strips, I'd love to borrow your remote for an hour or two. Mine found a love for my mini ocean so my lights are currently set on 100% blue, 0% white and I'd like to set them back to the timed mode. I'm going to order a replacement but it'll be a week before it gets here. I'll be happy to leave something as collateral.
  8. That's fine with me. I figured if they could cut it, great, if not, I'll at least take it as a reference. Thanks!
  9. I have a glass lid for a 5g tank that I need to have cut down in a couple spots (or starting new if this piece can't be cut easily). Any recommendations for a place in Cape Coral?
  10. I'll happily take the Jaebo WP10 and a BRS dosing pump off your hands. I'll text in the morning.
  11. Just something small, plug-size I'd be happy with. I'm a glutton for punishment when it comes to coral growth.
  12. The way Ron made it sound yesterday, everyone has an 8' diameter Hollywood Stunner and now I'm feeling left out. If anyone frags theirs, keep me in mind and I'll take a piece off your hands. Thanks!
  13. Had a great time today, Ron. Thanks for the frags!!
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