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  1. Thanks Matt, that does at least explain why its this way, and Im sure there is a ton of work that dos into setting this up. I can also understand, where you would want to simplfy anything that ya can. Thanks for the response! Dan
  2. Oh, don't get me wrong, I have met some really awesome people through the club, and there is some awesome people in it If you were not being sarcastic, I apologize, its hard to tell sometime in a message, but it sure did come across that way to me. I would still like to have an answer to my question though, and I understand you don't have one. Have a good night!
  3. You know, I came to one reef conference 2 years ago, also a auction, but I will say, the reason I haven't attended any more than that is how clicky the club is, and how little we (wife and I) felt welcomed. Then getting a sarcastic, down talking message like this don't make me want to attend anything else either! Wow!!!!!,, I ask a legitimate question, and get this kind of response! I will say Im really having to bite my tongue right now,,,damn!
  4. Ok, so where is our benefit of being a club member come in? I don't mind paying, but then non members pay the same? In my eyes, thats just not right,, and just my 2 cents!
  5. Ok, Ive got a question about the Reef Conference. Am I to understand that its 10.00 admission for members and NON members????
  6. Im using the Durso stand pipes. Ive never thought of doing a valve to revert the return water. Yep I waned to do a closed loop and DSB in this tank, as the tank is 36 inches deep, and I wanted something a little different. Thanks for the info!
  7. I started this journey a little over a year ago, with a glass 5ft long 180 gallon. I then started to research and collect items to make this happen. While I was getting things together, I cam across a 5ft 220 acrylic, so I bought that and sold the 180. Over the next several months, I continued to collect the items I needed to get the 220 like I wanted it. I decided to go with a closed loop system, tie in my 90 gallon, run a DSB (8in) and convert a closet into a filtration room. My sump is a 65 gallon running 2, 7 inch socks, I also have a roller mat, but not sure if Im going to use that now. Im also running 2, 20 gallon long tanks for refugiums. I had a metal stand built out of 14 gauge 2x2 steel, bottom in boxed in with a 6 in hight waterproof fiberglass box. The filtration room has a box like this also to hold any leaks or spills. Im in the process now of building a canopy with 2 actuators that will lift the canopy up to gain easy access to the top of the tank. Here is a few pics so far. Next is rocks and transfer of fish and corals. The drains on the tank are fairly loud, they do have holes drilled in the top caps, but still loud. Is there anything that can be done to correct this?
  8. I also have a eshops skimmer thats only been run a few months, that Im selling. Just send a PM if interested.
  9. Thats awesome Joe!!! Thanks for the support!!
  10. Im looking to get a large skimmer, prefer a Reef Octopus but will also consider others. Needs to be rated for 350 + gallons. If you have one your not using or know of someone selling one please message me. Thanks! Dan
  11. Awesome! Thanks for all the info, this build is getting bigger all the time, and the info I get from our forum is great and will certainly make it easer! Thanks for all the help!
  12. Yes, Im going to have 2 protein skimmers. (until I can get one big one) Yes again, the roller mat is a replacement for socks, I just hope it works as good as they say! LOL
  13. Yea Ron, I would think the best would be a second Photon V2. My thoughts would be that they would match and blend in better that any other option. Just my 2 cents!
  14. Ok here is the deal, my wife let me take over a small closet we have near the 2 tanks. Im planning on putting most of the plumbing in there, which includes a sump, separate refugium and a roller mat. The closet is 41 inches wide and 24 inches deep. (again small closet, LOL) Im planning on using 40 gallon breeder tanks for sump and refugium, but they will have to be one over the other, and with that, the higher tank will be above the bottom drain of the DT, but not close to water level in the DT. So my big question would be, will I have any issues with returning water from the DT with this configuration? Also what 40 breeder should be above the other? Refugium/sump or sump/refugium?
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