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  1. I use the actual website. I start at the home page and use the icon at the top right to go to new content. i might not participate a lot (life is busy) but i try to read everything and try to stay up to date on everything.
  2. Awwwww how sweet.. Your coming over to clean my tank? If your tank is the same as mine then I'm imagining your acrylic is 1.5 inches thick.. Mighty magnets was the only company that I found (at the time I was looking) that had s magnet for our thickness that was decently priced.. As far as scrapers I use the long handled Kent scrapper with the red plastic blade. For the really stubburn stuff I will use a metal scraper but I would not recommend it. Either way it's not easy, and you will get wet..
  3. I would definitely be interested in this adventure.. If the dates all work out for me you can count me in..
  4. Hey john, I would be interested in rehoming the clown tang and the leopard wrasse.. They would be going in my 400gal reef. I already have a sailfin and a bluehippo and would rather not deal with aggression adding new ones to the system ( more the sailfin then anything)
  5. Yup, been there, didn't work!! I was never able to keep the tank temps below 85. During the summer it was not uncommon to see the tank in the 90s. I would fill old Hawaiian Punch containers with water and freeze them in the morning I would take 6 or 7 of them and dump them in the tank hopping to keep the temps in the 80s. I have recently built a room in the garage, and the tanks room so far is staying pretty cool. I do think I will put a window shaker in there, but I really don't need too. This weekend I will be plumbing Jeffs old 1hp chiller into the system also. So hopefully I will be seeing some stable temps here very soon.. Oh yea and Marcos right, all my tools are shot!
  6. Me and Nadia will be joining the party. Can't wait to see everyone.
  7. I have paid for for another spot on the boat, Nadia is going to come with me.. And Charlie, as long as I can find someone to hang out with Nadia for a few hours you know that I'm in to go diving with you and your family.
  8. Me, stacey and the kids will be there.. stacey said she will make pasta salad.
  9. I don't know anything about the rainbow bend resort. I was searching for a place to stay in June also seeing as the blackfin is booked.. I ended up booking at the tropical cottages in marathon. I'm checking in on Friday and checking out on sat and it cost me 247 for the two nights. It doesn't look like the fanciest, but it doesn't look terrible either. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g34347-d1009744-Reviews-Tropical_Cottages-Marathon_Florida_Keys_Florida.html You can go to there website and book the exact cottage you want to stay in. http://www.tropicalcottages.net/
  10. Anyone single heading down that wants to split the cost of a room. I plan on going down fri night and staying the night into sun. So I'm looking to book the room for 2 days. Let me know if your interested. and Im paid for 1
  11. Me, Stacey and the Kids will be there.. Look forward to seeing everyone again charlie do you need me to call and add on to robins reservation
  12. Me the wife and kids will be there.. We will bring baked beans
  13. This was filmed on the remains of a sunken shrimp boat 40mi SW from St George Island At a depth of about 125'
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