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  1. I would like 2 of the med/large rainbow bubble tips. Would be able to meet at the Home Depot in punta gorda Sunday.
  2. Looking to rent or borrow a par meter if anyone has one. Recently got an Orphek and not sure about intensity and settings.
  3. Anyone using an Orphek? Looking to upgrade from 2 AI primes for a sps dominant 50 gallon cube setup with a few lps and softies. Any suggestions or opinions are appreciated.
  4. Anyone know what’s going on with this store? Moving or out of business?
  5. Thanks again Ron. Best deal on corals to date. They all seemed happy when I put them in so hopefully it stays that way.
  6. Would you be available tomorrow early evening say around 5?
  7. It is setup and everything is going great
  8. I would be interested in the current led. As long as you are close to the Cape Coral area.
  9. Like the title says just looking for something to put over 48" 120 gallon tank. I know I get somethjng online for $100!or so but figured I check to see if anyone is looking to make a few bucks from one just sitting around.
  10. Looking for both a single and dual overflow box. Nano is fine for the single. Would like a dual that flows at least 1200 gph.
  11. Thanks for the input I will keep that in mind and probably reconsider the route I was going.
  12. I will take a look sunday when I come for the rock. Thanks.
  13. Great. I will let you know what time as soon as I can. Thanks again and see you Sunday.
  14. The soonest I could look at it would be sunday afternoon/early evening. If I took all that you are selling would you go $1.75 lb?
  15. How much room would I need to take off the collection cup? I only have about 26 1/2" from bottom of stand to bottom of tank.
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