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  1. Cool, pics please, I'll most likely go with the pinpoint.....what's your opinion on them which one worked better for you?
  2. I will, lol.....I know loyal vortex users normally hold on to them like gold......should have bought one 10 years ago.?
  3. Looking for a nice looking 5-6" BTA, I am located near Sarasota, would prefer local pick up instead of shipping so within a 50 mi radius. I have a pair of Cinnamon Clowns that need a new home to hang out in.?
  4. Looking for a PH monitor hand held ok, but prefer in sump. Also looking for a Vortex Diatom Filter too. I live near Sarasota.
  5. Hello, I am new here to SWFMAS. I have been keeping reef aquariums for going on 16 years now. Seems like just yesterday I got into this wonderful hobby! I am what most would consider an "Old School Reefer", as I was introduced to this hobby by an Old Salty Dog back in 1999. I live on the Suncoast just north of Sarasota. I am happy to see this kind f support I have seen here while browsing the site. I was recommended to check This society by a member of R2R. I have had multiple systems over the years and currently have a 150 gallon reef set up. It is currently about 1.5 years young now and I am starting to strech my legs a bit with this one by mixing old school ideas with some of the new. Not much going on in my current set now besides LR, fish and some LPS and softies. I am looking to step it up a bit now that the tank is settling in nicely. I think this time around I will make my first attempt ever to keep A true mixed reef and will eventually start adding the slowly after I pack out the scape with more LPS and softies. It's a pleasure to be among fellow reefers and look forward to reading about all the ideas in use here. I am a firm believer that keeping an open mind and patience are some of the many keys to success in this wonderful hobby. I am by no means an expert, but I look forward to helping where I can and making new friends in the process! Happy Reefing!
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