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  1. Hannahle


    Thank you guys for the replies and help! I have some clearer (well, as clear as they can be for phone pics) and updated pics. I am honestly baffled at the difference since I first picked up the tank! I've adjusted the pH and salinity, as well as fragged some mushrooms that were hogging space. I love how much more the corals seemed to have perked up. The pipe organ (maybe) is encrusted straight onto the rock with a purple mat, as green star polyps normally would. Just another question--these are stock LEDs, and the softies/leathers seem to be doing fine under them, but I definitely plan on updating for LPS (i don't know if I'll keep any SPS). Any suggestions on lights for a nano? I've been reading a bit, and it seems that PAR38 bulbs are a pretty good idea.
  2. Hannahle


    Hello everyone! My name is Hannah, I am 17 years old, and I have recently just got back into the reef keeping hobby. I had a 20 gallon nano with various lps/softies a few years ago, but had to take it down due to money/time issues... but here I am again! It's too hard to stay away :rolleyes:/>/> I am taking a marine biology course at my high school and it really made me realize the appreciation and love I have for the coral communities. So, a couple of days ago I popped into Barrier Reef, a LFS here in Naples, thinking that I would just look around and try to familiarize myself with the world of reef keeping again. So, naturally, I left with a 8 gallon nano :D/>/> It was a pretty good deal; it's a fully established tank, having been run for about a year and a half, and came with some great looking mushrooms, button polyps, as well as other things I can't recognize again! (ugh the shame I felt when I couldn't remember their names lol). I'm attaching a picture; if any of you could help me out by identifying the things in the picture that would be FANTASTIC! The corals looked a little sad, but when I took the tests it's because the pH and salinity are a little bit too low. But that should be fixed soon enough. The picture is a little too blue because of the LEDS (I'm pretty sure it's just stock for the Nuvo 8g, I'll probably upgrade it depending on the happiness of the corals). Anyways, enough of my rambling! I'm excited to be back in this hobby, and it'll be nice to be in this community again!
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