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  1. We're not going to be keeping both, the 60gal Cube setup is spoken for, pending the livestock migration. A fellow Club Member has expressed interest and committed to taking it over, just about complete. I'm only going to be removing the Return Pump, APEX, and livestock. I won't steal the new owners thunder, it's up to them to announce :)/> New Owner will take over Stand Tank w/Sand & some water Sump Skimmer Tunze 9004 Light - Kessil 360W-E 2-Part Dosing Pumps (BRS 1.1ml) 2-Part Dosing container ATO Pump (BRS 50ml) ATO Floatswitches (HI & LO) Yes, I am excited to actually set up my own "Real" tank for my clown fish. They deserve a better tank than they are in. Thanks again Marco, and I hope your set up goes smoothly.
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