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  1. Ehh looks ok i guess...... All that time and money for the trip and that is all we get. HAHAJust kidding look great man, cant wait till i finally get a chance to get up there to see it.
  2. I still have the 72 gallon tank, stand, canopy out in the garage... The price is $175 now.
  3. Looks like a blast!! Congrats on the live stock.
  4. I still have the sump, tank, stand, and canopy in the garage.It is a must pick up now. I dont have a truck anymore just recently sold it and got a Camry.
  5. Does it for FireFox and IE,on Win XP SP2 IE7, FF does it for my Win 2003 Server IE6
  6. Ok strange.... It was working before i logged in to reply to this post. Then i logged in and the random image is gone..
  7. Ok i know this has nothing to do why you updated the website but at 00:35 March 19th the random images section was not displaying.
  8. Ok here is another pic. The camera battery died so only able to get one pic but if you need more should have some tomorrow.http://www.swfmas.com/v/users/Tim224DT_001/sump2.JPG.html
  9. hahhaa sounds good to me..... but hey you have to ask her yourself.
  10. Brittany wont admit it but she just got her CPA certificate. She passed her exam
  11. The pics i posted is all i have as of right now. i am at work but will get off around midnight. So i will take a few pics and post them up then
  12. Sweet glad you like it!! I know it worked great for me........ Now you just need to get that bigger tank setup LOL
  13. I found the gatevalve mod for the ASM G3 skimmer so that is now included in the price.
  14. Great pics!!! Very nice lets see some more : )
  15. Still have the tank,stand,canopy,sump and skimmer for sale......
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