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  1. Lets not get into the un-needed details. It is up and running. lmao.. =) Ill post pics tomorrow.
  2. Can we re-name this Adams 300 gal Build? It has recovered nicely and is doing great!
  3. I have some good car audio stuff that I am not using and may be interested in trading... Not sure how much power you are looking for but I have a paid of Alpine Type R 12 inch subwoofers and a 4 channel Alpine Amp. I may have some other stuff laying around. No 6.5's though
  4. I may be interested if you are willing to part with it.
  5. Good to know!!! Thanks Wayne abs Brad. I'll definitely keep you in mind. New house. Constant projects.
  6. Its done. I did it overnight instead of working.. lol... I just flipped the switch off and hoped there was no current in the line. All went smooth. Ron, the tank is on a 30amp gfi breaker. The tank/all equipment runs at UNDER 10amps. So far so good!
  7. I need to replace 3 ceiling light fixtures in my house. Unfortunately, these lights are all on the same circuit as the aquarium. How can I change these fixtures, without shutting the breaker off and without zapping myself?
  8. Ok, if anyone is able to help, please text and let me know. 239-257-9708. Moving tank/fish/rock from Veterans/Country Club are to the Skyline/Gleason area.
  9. This made my day I am not even joking. I wasnt paying attention to the date, and was telling my fiance about it being on the 19th, and she says "will you make it to the wedding on time?" hahahahaha ooooops.
  10. Crap. Scratch that. I'm getting married that day. Lmao
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