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    We pride ourselves with quality products at unbelievable prices. We can order in what you want also please let us know.

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  1. How do i enter things into this auction?
  2. We have over 400 Frags at the moment and need to make room for new shipments coming in. So here is how we will do this 1-5 frags $10 a piece 6-10 frags $8 10 plus Frags $5 We have zoas, acans, mushrooms, Duncans, Candy Canes, frogspawn, Hammers and a few torches. This is First come first serve, and because of the volume of frags we have there will be no photos. Other pieces also available Please text 239-443-0502 to set up a time to look at our stock( it will be difficult to answer my phone with wet hands.
  3. Sold out of Lawn mower Blennies Peppermint Shrimp Kole Tangs Flame angels Yellow Tangs $25
  4. Here we goo this is what will be available tomorrow at our First BAG Sale Flame Angel $30 Singapore Angel $20 Coral Beauty $ 15 Emperor Angel $30... Fox Face $30 Red hawk $15 Arc Eye hawk $15 Algae Blenny $10 gold head sleeper $15 Diamond Goby $15 Kole Tang $25 Sailfin $30 Mimic Tang $15 Yellow Tang .... Powder Brown Tang $30 Firefish $6 PJ Cardinal $8 Yellow dottynack $10 Purple Dottyback #10 green File Fish $8 Spotted Jawfish $20 Sharp nose Puffer $10 Yellow Headed Wrasse $10 Slip Wrasse HugeFish $25 Feather Dusters $5 Flame Scallops $5 Emerald Crabs $3 Blue legs ,50 scarlet Reds .75 Alantic Turno .50 Mexican cat eye $1 Sand Stars $10 Seahorses $15 $10 Zoa frags 3 for 25 or buy 5 get one free
  5. Yumas are $20 a head great color and quick grower for me
  6. we have 2- 2'x4' frag tanks available if your interested
  7. This week at JJ Corals We will be running sales on everything in stock, Here's a teaser of some of the gorgeous pieces we have available currently with even more to come! Feel free to come on by and check out the savings!
  8. Please redirect think thread if you think it would get better results in a different category As a vendor I was wondering what everyone was expecting to find at the swap; small frags, colonies, inverts, fish, macro algae? Trying to figure out what everyone is interested in. Thanks
  9. We just brought in over 500 Pieces Hammers Torches Frogspawn Favia Blastos Zoas Hawian Paly Trachy Plates Wellso Scoulies lobos
  10. What are you looking for as far as trade?
  11. We just came back from the wholesaler if you are still looking for lettuce nudis we just picked up 10. Price is $10 a piece
  12. JJ Corals is a doing a preorder on Clams 3 to 4 inch Blue Maxima clams $115 Pre order Price 3 available 2 to 3 inch Gold and black maxima clams $60 pre order price 7 available Payment must be made by 9 pm Friday night. please contact me if interested Pictures can be found on JJ Corals Facebook page
  13. Sale sale sale $20 zoas colonies $3 zoas frags $5 mushrooms/head 10% off all other corals excluding euphyilla. And 25% off remaining fish. No discounts on inverts. Must be picked up in person. Extended hours this week 9 am to 8 PM Sale ends Sunday at 8 PM
  14. Thought there was a 2 week black out because of the auction and reefers market?
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