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  1. Shauna and I should be there and will bring some chips or something
  2. I have a couple dosers I do not need. one is a relatively new (under a year) bubblemagus 3 head doser (this one https://www.sharkandreef.com/bubble-magus-bm-t11-dosing-pump/) and I would like to get $100 for it and I have 2 BRS single head dosers age unknown but would give them up for $40 for both. I can bring to frag auction if interested. None of these have ever given me any problems and both are supper easy to use
  3. Added myself and the girls to make 34
  4. Hi Bryan,

    Have been trying to renew my SWFMAS dues via PayPal but not successful for some reason. Suggestions? Mail a check to you?

    Coral Boudin

  5. Shaun the two girls and myself are paid and waiting
  6. oh they had fish too
  7. 1. bag of chaetomorpha (chato) 2. bag of chaetomorpha (chato) 3. bag of chaetomorpha (chato) 4. small clipping red halymenia algae (dragons breath) 5. small clipping red halymenia algae (dragons breath) 6. small clipping red halymenia algae (dragons breath) 7. blue ochtodes algae golf ball size (rare or so i am told) 8. blue ochtodes algae golf ball size (rare or so i am told) 9. blue ochtodes algae golf ball size (rare or so i am told)
  8. It is official the boat has been booked. This year's snorkel trip will be with Strike Zone Charters ( http://strikezonecha...ey-snorkel-dive ) to Looe Key Reefs. Yes that is plural on purpose it will be 2 stops off Looe Key both an hour each as opposed to the normal one stop for an hour, the boat also has viewing ports ( 2 4x8 glass panels) if you get tired you can hang out and still see the reef. The price is $35 a person (children under 5 free) and boat leaves at 9:30 on Saturday June 18. Snorkel equipment rental included if needed. A lot of us are staying at the Black Fin Resort but rooms are filling fast so book it soon. To add your name to the dinner reservation list please click here. Please RSVP below if you are snorkeling and how many are in your party. We will have to confirm a final number before we go. Pre-payment will be required to reserve your spot on the boat. Link for Payment: https://squareup.com/store/swfmas Deadline to RSVP and pay is Friday, June 10th. RSVP's (27) Heather & Matt - Paid Charlie & Robin - Paid Brent +3 - Paid Ron & Elaine - Paid Carol & Wayne - Paid Al - Paid Bryan & Shauna +2 - Paid Jeff - Paid Jason +1 - Paid Stephen - Paid Rick & Lisa +2 - Paid Cindy & Richard - Paid
  9. Goby go


    I like the 4 bulb combo I had of 2x coral plus 1 purple plus and 1true actinic if I had the six bulb I would have went the same plus another true actinic and a coral plus. But it is all what you like and I am sure someone could tell you what bulbs do what as far as growth and color.
  10. Shauna and I will be there with deviled eggs
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