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  1. Actual pictures of shed, in garage:
  2. For sale, my gently used, adult owned, never raced, freshly washed Keter Shed. Exterior Dimensions: 54.9 L X 30.3 W X 71.5 H inches Internal Dimensions : 51.37 L x 25.98 W x 69.48 H inches Thick, rib-reinforced wall panels. Weather-resistant materials. Heavy-duty 105° nickel hinge Customizable: walls are drillable and can be painted for personal preferences This unit sat on patio for ~3 months, then inside garage for 15 months. Held water tanks and electronics. Price: $200 OBO Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01BHUVOX8 HomeDepot Link: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Keter-High-Store-4-6-ft-x-2-5-ft-x-5-10-ft-Resin-Vertical-Storage-Shed-227474/206485297 *** Dude, or junk in shed not included. ***
  3. Just get a quality unit, and quality regulator. Build some safeties into it. For instance, the older korallin units had a bad habit of clogging the effluent line, causing the internal media to mush, build up pressure, then finally blowing the effluent line open and dumping the resulting disaster... that usually crashed the tank. rule of thumb, the more efficient the unit is, the less of a low pH problem you'll have in the display.
  4. Nice looking pieces Chris! yiu didn’t put a price on the Duncan in the last pic, just FYI.
  5. I need to get a lid for the new tank... had a couple of jumpers.. 😕
  6. We made some changes to the website a few days ago, it seems to have improved the speed... can anyone else confirm or deny if the site seems more responsive now...?
  7. You're not currently a paid club member. Only paid club members can create posts in the classifieds section.
  8. Were you able to complete the fixture? Happy with it? Pictures?
  9. Won't make this event, unfortunately.... BUT... I'll be conducting my own Poker Run, in Los Angeles, at the wholesalers.. or maybe at restaurants. 😜
  10. I'll take a phosyntethic sponge frag off your hands... of both purple and red?
  11. Jeff! No need for the Tang Police - Midnight is in good hands now, making friends with other fins! Part 2. The problem with "Midnight" rescues are that you don't get to fully appreciate them at the time. In this rescues case, the call came in; mid afternoon, and it went about like this.. Caller: Marquito ! Me: Sí, speaking.. que pasa señor!??? Caller: ehh, Marquito; ais have de goods. Ehh.. choo comeh y pickup? Me: uh... When? Today? Caller: Sí. Hurry. very nice! Mui Bonita. Ehh.. mui pocito. Click. So... Pack a bag, and get ready. Next day, midnight'ish the operation BlackOutWackOut occured. I brought a bucket, actually 2! Also brought a cooler, a bubbler, a CO2 scrubber and some snacks. In the blink of an eye it's done. We double bucket and air gap the container, bubbler in, co2 scrubber running and en route into the proverbial sunset. It's done. Home a bit later, we start the medicated acclimation bath, all is well. Well.. until the fish get to that point where they very kindly request to be removed from the bath; as described in part one, that's when your heart skips a beat and you wonder if you left them in too long.. nope, quick transfer over and a couple reallllly long minutes later they resume swimming, no longer curled up, damn near lifeless floating around. Success! Here is a picture of Midnight, being his usual dark self. As you can see, maybe, he's quite dark, like the sky on a moonless night. Tough seeing much of him, when he's hiding in the rock work. More on the ich, and possible case of mistaken identity later... in the next post <more in part 3, tomorrow>
  12. Does anyone else really dislike ich in our tropical saltwater fish, as well? I recently added some new fish, and after a healthy bath in medication, a couple of my fish still came down with it. The most obvious of Ich's victims is my new "Midnight" Tang. You may be wondering and asking yourself; What in the Earthly Reef's World is a "Midnight" tang... well... he's a fish trafficking victim. I rescued him in the middle of the night, in South Florida. Right around Midnight, actually, I think. He's had a tough journey, ripped from the confines of the large waters while still young, and transported 1/2 way across the world. Word on the street has it; this soul rode the midnight train from Madagascar. Neither the Sultan nor Abu intervened, he didn't get to rub the lamp, didn't get 3 wishes. (Picture courtesy of the Nairobi News; showing where the worst of the plague outbreaks are.. from 2017 - YIKES) Now when we acclimate; my typical fish acclimation is over 12-18 hours, as raising the salinity up from 1.014-1.1016(incoming fish) to normal tank operating salinity of 1.024-1.025 takes a serious toll on the livestock if done too quickly, however in anticipation for this soul, I lowered my systems salinity down to 1.018/9, and been bringing the tank back up slowly as a whole. During the acclimation process we medicate with Metro(Metronidazole) & Prazi(Praziquantel) - we leave the fish in until they tell us no more, duration varies by species, but they all express "no more, we READY!" the same way... not for the faint of heart. <more in part 2, later today>
  13. Hello AK - Welcome back! As you mentioned, lots has changed, many new approaches to keeping Coral, and exciting times with equipment, testers, and methods to keeping reefs of all different sorts. What size is your system, and which direction are you leaning on setting up? If Reef, Spa, LPs, softies, mixed ? Chat soon, Marco
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