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  1. Don't need the denitrator after removing sand and old rock? If anyone is wondering, the Denitrators by AA are built like a tank! Solid work!
  2. Hope all works out in the long run. The left seam on the side panel, seems a little light on silicone. Some of the seams seem a bit sloppy. That's a lot of water to mess with.
  3. RSVP: Marco + Tina + Emma + Peter + Sophie + Lisa + Mom + Karina + Willow + Kai (10 total)
  4. Actual pictures of shed, in garage:
  5. For sale, my gently used, adult owned, never raced, freshly washed Keter Shed. Exterior Dimensions: 54.9 L X 30.3 W X 71.5 H inches Internal Dimensions : 51.37 L x 25.98 W x 69.48 H inches Thick, rib-reinforced wall panels. Weather-resistant materials. Heavy-duty 105° nickel hinge Customizable: walls are drillable and can be painted for personal preferences This unit sat on patio for ~3 months, then inside garage for 15 months. Held water tanks and electronics. Price: $200 OBO Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01BHUVOX8 HomeDepot Link: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Keter-High-Store-4-6-ft-x-2-5-ft-x-5-10-ft-Resin-Vertical-Storage-Shed-227474/206485297 *** Dude, or junk in shed not included. ***
  6. Just get a quality unit, and quality regulator. Build some safeties into it. For instance, the older korallin units had a bad habit of clogging the effluent line, causing the internal media to mush, build up pressure, then finally blowing the effluent line open and dumping the resulting disaster... that usually crashed the tank. rule of thumb, the more efficient the unit is, the less of a low pH problem you'll have in the display.
  7. Nice looking pieces Chris! yiu didn’t put a price on the Duncan in the last pic, just FYI.
  8. I need to get a lid for the new tank... had a couple of jumpers.. 😕
  9. We made some changes to the website a few days ago, it seems to have improved the speed... can anyone else confirm or deny if the site seems more responsive now...?
  10. You're not currently a paid club member. Only paid club members can create posts in the classifieds section.
  11. Were you able to complete the fixture? Happy with it? Pictures?
  12. Won't make this event, unfortunately.... BUT... I'll be conducting my own Poker Run, in Los Angeles, at the wholesalers.. or maybe at restaurants. 😜
  13. I'll take a phosyntethic sponge frag off your hands... of both purple and red?
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