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  1. Just testing notifications. @wiszmaster
  2. testing PUSH. Look at that .. push works!
  3. Sunday Night to Monday morning the SWFMAS site was migrated off server ATL01 to LAX01. During the data migration process we found that the public NIC was showing errors. After investigating and replacing cables we're still left with errors on the interface during high traffic times. Between last night and this morning the datacenter attempted to install an additional NIC, however could not get the server to audit and online after doing so. At this point we have scheduled a Motherboard swap for tonight. A 6 hour maintenance window has been scheduled; Wednesday Night 23:55 ET - Thursday Morning 06:00 ET. Due to the issues during this mornings issue I would not be surprised if the maintenance window will be used for it's entire duration as a member of the Product Engineering team will use the maintenance window to investigate this mornings failures. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Thank You, SWFMAS_Admin
  4. At the last one (2 years ago) they had Julian Sprung, James Fatheree, Sanjai Joshi (sp?) & Richard Harker.
  5. rubbermaid tubs are your best friend :)/>/>
  6. done!Alexander won Augusts contest.
  7. what did you get? fixture/wattage/bulb ? and what size tank?
  8. water cold? It was bath water. I don't think the water comes out this warm from our Hot Water Heater.I rode the current express in a pass - was a blast.
  9. Over the last few weeks both Scott & I have been doing some work on the SWFMAS.com website - As of Yesterday morning the site has been moved to a new location, a new server. The old one was having some issues and has been taken out of service.As of today, Saturday July 5, the gallery is back up & running. We have also added a neat little feature called 'Gallery2 Image Assist" - it added the link below the text/comment box "add Gallery2 images" . We hope you will find this feature useful.The ultimate goal is moving the site off it's current platform (drupal) and going to a more standard forum. This forum isn't the easiest to use for some folks, and lack a few features that the admins wouldn't mind having. We've been working on finding a suitable replacement that will allow us to integrate the entire site just like our current site is.Lots of things have changed over the 72 hours - nothing should be noticeable to the end user - HOWEVER if you do find something that does not work, or seems buggy, PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO POST UP, OR CONTACT ONE OF THE ADMINS DIRECTLY.Thank You,Marco
  10. Wow .. crazy.I was wondering why I hadn't heard from you in a while.If you don't mind me asking .. why? Economy?Keep in touch - Thanks for all your help! Hope to see you around some time. Don't sit out on our meets/trips/events just because you're taking a break.Take care,marco
  11. Friday 2 weeks ago I received my replacement skimmer - Another Spazz Volcano.The first one worked, but not well enough - that is part of working closely with a skimmer builder, especially when you're working on a new model that hasn't been built before.Scott & I found several deficiencies in the first design, that have since been changed. This new skimmer has quiet a few revisions, and changes from the first, most of them being in the diffuser and bottom assembly + needle wheel. There are also some changes for ease of use, ease of adjustments & placement - the body & intake can be turned w/out having to turn the bottom box & pump location. The airinput pipe is hard plumbed and the water discharge pipe is also braced to the main body to avoid stress on the unions 7 leaks.This skimmer is day & night different in performance - It has skimmed as much in 48 hours as the other one skimmed in 2 weeks.1/2 a gal of waste in 36 hours ... all this during break-in time.I'll bring the old skimmer to the event on saturday for everyone to see ... several people have asked me for viewing sessions :)/>/>
  12. It also logs everything ... you can go back, and see what your ph/temp went to in the middle of the night. you can set it to record every second if you wanted ... i have mine set to log every 5 minutes .... but it's also a monitor as you can see on the display.You can also manually overwrite & turn devices ON/OFF at any time on the head unit directly
  13. It's a controller .. all in one.This is the "head unit" - the controller - you plug in the probes/sensors in the bottom, as well as a "phone" cord from the controller to the power barpower bar:the controller tells the power bar to turn a certain outlet on/off .. depending on how you program the controller.sample program:Device name - outlet # name of devicePMP-A01 RETURN PUMPCHP-A02 CHILLER PUMPCHR-A03 CHILLER LTS-A04 LIGHTS/HOOD FANSHET-A05 HEATERATO-A06 AUTO TOP OFFNTL-A07 OPENFUG-A08 FUGE LIGHT/ FAN/ MOON LIGHTSif time > 00:00 then PMP onif temp > 79.3 then CHP onif temp 80.00 then CHR onif temp 8:00 then LTS onif time > 21:00 then LTS offif temp 78.5 then HET offif time > 16:00 then ATO onif time >16:01 then ATO offIF TIME > 20:55 then FUG onif time > 7:55 then Fug offIf feed A 000 then PMP offIf Feed B 010 then PMP offIf Feed B 011 then ATO off
  14. For Sale is a 1 year & 3 month old BioCube 29 (29 gallon)BioCube 29Following Options/Modifications were added:3" IceCap variable speed Fan ($30)Sapphire nano BC29 Skimmer ($145.95) (March '07)Nanocustoms 1.70 for Biocube 29 ($328.85) (April '08)- 70w MH Bulb: USHIO 14000K HQI- Cooling Fans: Increased Airflow- Moonlight Option: R2 MoonlightThe 3" IceCap fan is on the inside of the hood, upfront where the normal BC29 Logo would be. The logo has been drilled out, and replaced with a Stainless Steel fan grill, it looks clean. This fan has kept the tank cool, WITHOUT a chiller. This tank never had a chiller on it.Glass is clean, not scratched up. It's cleaning right now. Will be ready by the event if someone would be wanting to pick it up then.Price: $400
  15. Dee,Please visit the following link to sign-up as a club member. This can also be done at the day of the event - but it helps us get everybody through the doors faster if they are pre-registered online.Link for membership signup: http://swfmas.com/node/membershipHope to see you there,Marco
  16. The website was taken offline for maintenance & upgrades from approximately 02/26/2008 23.30 - 02/27/2008 00:30.We have done a major system upgrade, and small issues may be stemming from this upgrade - so far everything looks fine though.Please post up, or send an email to [email protected] if you are experiencing issues with the website. Please provide as much as possible info when reporting an issue.Thank You,Marco
  17. good. glad to hear. did you ever end up moving, or you still in F town?take care,marco
  18. Welcome Matt!I broke the gallery late last night while working on the site. I should have some time late tonight, or tomorrow to try to fix it.--marco
  19. Tonight 12/17/2007 roughly around 20:35/20:45 our server and website vanished off the network due to a power failure at the data center. At this point it the source of the power failure has not been identified AFAIK. Was most likely the UPS system though.The server booted itself up and restored all services around 21:00/21:05.AT THIS TIME ALL SERVICES SHOULD BE RESTORED - IF YOU NOTICE ANY ISSUES - PLEASE POST UP.I apologize for the downtime - this was a once in a while event. During over 1 1/2 years that i worked in the datacenter and in the last 4 years that I have had my equipment collocated this never once happened, Thank You,marco
  20. problem fixed - i removed the option for the UPLOAD APPLET ;-) .... all other options are still there.
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