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  1. Looking for a pound or two of small rock or something I can break to make a Fuge in middle chamber of Biocube. Also looking for a ball of chaeto too. Let me know if you have any available. Thanks in advance
  2. I have a 28 gallon Biocube. Light load in tank for now but I’ve only had it setup for a couple months. I bought it used but it was an established tank when purchased. I’d like to put a skimmer in the overflow compartment but not sure which one to use. I’d like some suggestions please. Also there is nothing in the middle compartment. Right now I’m using filter pads at the top. Should I buy a basket to put in there or is there a better option? Thanks in advance
  3. Finally bought a house so now I’m looking for a full set up or something close. Looking for 60 gallons or less to start with. Not my first tank but I haven’t had one in several years.
  4. Have been out of the hobby for a couple years and it time to get back in. Looking for a complete set up or just tank and stand. Preferably less than 80 gallons but tell me what you have.
  5. Need this gone so I can break down the tank.
  6. I have 6 or so fairly large pieces of live rock and some smaller pieces. One piece has gsp and a couple has Kenya tree. Good looking rock. Easley sell at the store for $8.00 lb but I'm asking $2.00 lb to get rid of it so I can empty tank. If your interested text me @ 239-672-zero one 16. Thanks
  7. Yup. I will buy another when we get another tank after we move
  8. Used but in good condition. Comes with everything, even the original box.$150 Obo
  9. Sorry but all corals and fish have been sold. Still have equipment and live rock. Gyre is pending to ron.
  10. Tank, stand, eshopps sump, sca-301 skimmer, rio 2100 return pump, filter sock holder, plumbing, gyre 150(have extra parts for it), $800 Green toadstool on a rock with a couple stalks of Kenya tree $30 Rose bubble tip, gets about 10" across $50 Orange plate $45 Cinnamon paly's 4 polyps $20 Green hairy mushrooms, at least 4 $30 2 different hammers green stalk purple head both have about 4 heads $5 a head Rock of greenish brownish palys $20 8 poylps of hornets(I believe) $30 1 head of frogspawn $5 gsp on a large rock $30 Maze brain starting to recover $25 Yellow tang $20 5 clown fish depends on which one Bristle tooth tang $40 Melanarus wrasse (eats bristle worms)$30 Green chromis $5 or free with purchase Ruby red mandarin he is tiny so gonna be a pain to get out $20 2 purple fire fish $25 each Live rock $2 a pound several large pieces and a couple small ones.
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