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  1. Thanks for the corals, Martin.  We have all 4 set up in our tank and they look great!


  2. Samun and I will be there for clean up and BBQ
  3. We'll be there with 4. I'll make a spicy veggie (and vegan) dish.
  4. Thanks Paul. Eco Reef and stores in Ft Myers area seem to be out of stock at the moment. We'll keep checking Sue
  5. Looking for two fairly inexpensive seahorses that will eat frozen food. We've raised them before and want to try out the Florida water before getting into lots of $
  6. Samun and I (Sue) will be there. We're new to the club, so look forward to meeting everyone. We'll bring a vegetarian curry appetizer.
  7. Hi Ron, The corals we got from you a few weeks ago are doing well. Attached is a photo of the stunner from your large tank. It looks like you've done more fragging. Do you have any of the Duncans left, others. We can stop by this week. Sue
  8. Hi Ron, We've solved the algae problem in our 125 reef and are looking for more frags. Can we stop by some time this afternoon? Sue
  9. I'm new to this forum...tried messaging you already, to look at frags today (Friday). I'll send another now.
  10. We're interested. I sent a PM to you...could we see them today?
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