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  1. Hello, I’m Scott, just wanted to reintroduce myself and get started on documenting my tank build. I’m still in the early stages of piecing together plans to get back into reefing. I moved to Tennessee from SWFL almost 4 years ago and took my 150g tank down at the time. I’ve got a ton of respect for the SWFMAS community and knowledge base, and was hoping you guys would welcome me back, even though I don’t live in the area anymore. I’m very much a DIY guy; but along with that comes some tendencies to cut corners and half-ass anything I think I can get away with. I’m sharing my plans and progress from the very beginning, hoping to get some input and guidance along the way. I may be an idiot, but I’m a coachable idiot, so if you have any advise it’s greatly appreciated. I brought a lot of equipment with me when I moved, and just picked up a used 75g tank a few days ago. Here’s what I have so far: 75g reef ready tank 55g homemade sump Reef Octopus skimmer Jebao return pump and powerheads JBJ ATO & 2.5gal top of tank Several 5 gallon buckets full of rocks/sand Now that I’ve secured the tank, I’m moving my attention toward building the stand. It’s going to be a little tricky building a stand for a 48” tank over a 48” sump, but I’m planning to oversize the stand a bit so I can fit the ATO tank next to the sump. Right now my head is spinning a bit trying to prioritize what steps to take and how to set everything up. In the past I’ve ended up with some minor regrets around layout/setup/plumbing decisions so I’m trying to make sure I’m setting myself up for success this time around. Not much picture worthy at the moment, but I moved the sump to it's new home and got a quick picture of the tank as I started cleaning it up a bit.
  2. Thanks Ron. That's kind of what I was leaning toward doing. Might as well clean it up while it's easy and there's nothing living in it now anyway.
  3. I recently took down a 20g tank that was tied into my 150g display and 55g sump. The tank was running for 3-4 years prior to taking it down and has been down for a few months with the sand dry. I've been changing up a few things and now I'm planning to set it back up again. My original plan was just to reuse the sand as is, but I'm wondering if I should I do anything to the sand before tying it back into the system? I haven't had any real issues with with the tank, but I didn't want to reintroduce any fish poo that'd been accumulating in the sand over the years if I could easily remove it while it's dry. Should I spray it down with the hose in a 5 gallon bucket and allow it to dry again? Just put it in as is and not worry about it? Any other suggestions?
  4. I just wanted to give another big thanks to Nitrodude. I hooked up the top off to salt water and just let the skimmer drain. After dumping off about 7 gallons worth of bubbles it had slowed down drastically. I tightened down the skimmer enough to force another 3 gallons through it for good measure and all seems back to normal now.
  5. Thanks guys. I'll look into the carbon and try dumping everything the skimmer pulls out. I thought about draining off everything the skimmer pulled out, but for some reason never followed through with it. That makes a lot of sense.
  6. I recently had a breakout of some green slime in my tanks and after fighting it for a while finally gave in and used some AquaLife Red Slime Remover. It wiped the slime out really quick, within a few days the epidemic was completely gone. Now I know this stuff makes skimmers go crazy, and it has, bubbles everywhere. I've read that water changes are the solution, but after a few changes I wanted to get some input from the experts. The system is around 200 gallons total: 150g tank, 20g tank, 55g sump (that should hold somewhere around 30g of water). It's been about 2 weeks since I put the Slime Remover in. I've done 3 water changes of 30 gallons each and the skimmer is still overflowing no matter what I do. Knowing that these dinky little water changes aren't doing enough, what would you guys do next? I'm assuming I need to go bigger, but how big? I was kind of thinking 60 gallons in one shot, but I'd hate to do that and have the same issue. I'm also not sure how big you can go without having tank cycling issues. Just curious what kind of input or suggestions you guys may have. Let me know if you need anymore info on the tank, I really appreciate the advise.
  7. I went by Joefish yesterday to get some frozen food and they were closed still. Hoping for the best, but I know this had to be a tough time with that much stock.
  8. We ended up going 6 days with no power without a single casualty. I never would have thought they'd make it that long, even the coral seems to have bounced back pretty well for the most part. I appreciate all the suggestions and advise.
  9. Battery pumps have been a lifesaver so far, all fish are still alive. I've thrown in some ice and manually circulated sump to tank water 382,763 5 gallon buckets at a time. Really anxious for power to come back. Fish have been champs so far, but I'm not sure how much longer they have at this rate.
  10. I just saw someone recommending a $7.99 "Bubble Box" battery powered bubbler on Amazon. Between a few of those, a pile of batteries, and a bunch of ice I think that should buy me a couple days for the power to come back on. Hopefully it's not out longer than that.
  11. With it looking like Irma is bearing down on us I'm a little nervous about my tanks surviving a possible long power outage. Obviously a generator would make things easier, but we don't have one and it just doesn't seem feasible to me for days on end. I was just curious if any of you guys had survived a long power outage, or if you had any plans/strategies that you'd like to share? A few years ago we lost our AC in the middle of summer for 3-4 days. Everything survived by using ice instead of RO top-off water to keep temps down. We're stocking up a ton of ice this time around, but don't expect it to last too long without power. I was also planning to fill my air compressor so we can use that to areate the tank occasionally. I know it's not much of a plan, but that's where we're at right now, very interested to see if others have better ideas.
  12. No other fish in the little tank. Just a few snails, crabs, and corals. Thanks for the tips. I need to get motivated to start reading up on it again, I'm sure there are tricks to "set the mood" haha.
  13. We got these 2 clowns by their selves in a 20 gallon tank. We got them hoping one day they would mate but haven't really researched it since we got them in Nov 2015. In our 150 gallon you can work in the tank and the fish pay no attention, but anytime you touch the water in the 20 gallon those guys go into attack mode. Nothing gets moved or adjusted in their tank.
  14. Glad you guys bumped this thread, apparently I missed it the first time around. It's a rare day that we don't get something delivered from amazon.
  15. Thanks for posting. I've got like 20 of these on the glass every morning. I've tried to convince my wife we should thin them out a bit, but I was quickly informed that they're "too cute to just kill them". This could work out perfect!
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