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  1. Nextreef MR1 reactor - 65.00 Refractometer - 25.00 New bag of Tropic Eden Mini Flakes substrate - 15.00
  2. You both are absolutely right! The cost and the stories i have heard really deter me from using a moving company. We really do not have much items with large items including a sofa, small dining set, bed, desk and vanity. The rest can be in boxes. After receiving a few quotes $5000+ i am almost sure we are going to haul the stuff in a uhaul or similiar rental truck. I put in an offer to the landlord to see if she would be interested in purchasing the furniture and consider renting a furnished unit so we'll see if shes down for that. That would help us a lot as well. Thanks for the input guys. I am pretty excited for the drive as well and just make a nice trip out of it.
  3. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any positive experiences with moving companies that I can use to move stuff from FL to CA. Any help, advice, tips are greatly appreciated. When I moved to FL we did not bring any furniture with us and bought most stuff here. Thank you, Ramon
  4. I have a Jebao rw8 for sale that is less than a month old. Purchased from amazon. Cleaned and boxed. Ready to go.
  5. Hey man, refractometer, brs items, new bag of miniflakes sand, I am also thinking about putting jebao rw8 up for sale. Thinking about it. Other than nothing much unless the guy taking the tank/ewuipment backs out then that will go up for sale too.
  6. Just wanted to say thanks to Wayne and Marco for coming by and picking up all the livestock. Ron, Wayne has some flame algae for you, but Marco took the shrimp. Still have the refractometer and unopened bag of tropic eden mini flakes
  7. What is that? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. I live off gateway and sr82. Refractometer is still available Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. One piece is really huge, and 3 other pieces that are cemented together using epoxy to form the pillars.
  10. Hey man, Wayne will be coming by on Friday. I want to eat it up around 130p. If you want to come by at the same time, this will allow me to close shutdown the tank entirely. I hate to part with it man!
  11. I tried looking at previous threads to see how many lbs I purchased from Marco and I think 60 was I paid rather than the amount I purchased I think ultimately it was less but I honestly forgot how much. Is 40 fair for the amount you see in the tank plus another small rock behind it where macro is growing?
  12. Paul, yea.. I promised it to you and didn't show up to the swap. I did bring it to the conference but didn't find you in the time I was there. Marco helped me look for you as well. As far as the rock Yea thats it... I got it from Marco 2 yes ago..
  13. Hey all, thank you for all the pm's. As of right now livestock are pending to Wayne except for pair of clowns . Will update over the weekend after he picks it up.
  14. So, I am going to be relocating to CA and I will need to part with my piece of ocean! I have an interest on most of the equipment, but I am really looking for a good home for the fish that I have had. I wish I can take them with me but it would not be the best idea. I would like to get rid of the livestock first. 34G SOLANA AIO with Black SOLANA Stand- Eheim compact return pump-pending StevieT media box and overflow holder-pending Hydor Koralia 1500 powerhead-pending Full Spectrum Led (unknown brand)-pending Tunze Osmolator Nano-pending Refractometer - 30 Hanna Phosphate Checker- promised to cubed reefer. Never got to link up. If you got one already, it's up for $25 Python 50ft water change system-20 Livestock Coral 60lbs of Pukani LA full of life- $40 Tropic Eden 20lb Live Mini Flakes unopened bag - $20 Green monti cap, Green encrusting monti (confusa?) attached to the lr for whoever buys the rock Branching hammer 11 heads - 20 2head green purple tipped torch - 10 Gsp on egg crate - free if you get sometbing Purple Gorg-$5 Thick purple gorg with yellow polyps $5 Yellow gorg/white polyp $5 Fish/inverts 1 snowflake clown/1 occelaris $20 for pair to a good home, please 1 yellow coris wrasse - 10 1 bicolor blenny 10 Purple serpent Starfish - 10 Peppermint shrimp—free BRS kit-Calcium 1/2g , 1/2Alk, , Rox Carbon 1g about half full, Gfo 1/2g half full 3 Jugs with pump tops for Cal, alk, mag
  15. I should be able to help out on Fri night or Sat.
  16. Oh ok so am I. Lmk if you are free tomm.
  17. Where are you located? Interested in the mille. Thanks.
  18. Thanks for holding for me Jeff! Appreciate it. These are my raffle winnings.
  19. Lol that's why I didn't do that! Dang Marco! Cleaned it out!
  20. I apparently won 3 items but not sure what I came out with just yet. Purchases, I got a few gorgs.
  21. After 7 works. I'll give you a ring before then to get address.
  22. I got 59281 I can pick up tommorow. Wonder what I got Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  23. Some gorgs I picked up from the conference.
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