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  1. Hi guys I'm pretty new to this board been lurking for a month or so. I to belong to a local forum here in CA. I joined here for most part to see if how many here run i-Tech skimmers. I've owned my itech200 for 4 years now and love it. It does a super job on my 180 DT with a 90 sump. Also I did some DIYing around and made a swabbie for the lid. But just wanted to see if itech skimmers where still a big hit in Florida like they where when John was making them still
  2. Hi I'm new here. But I would like to share on this topic. I have 5 tangs in my current tank. It's a 180 standard. I've had the tank up and running for 2 years and have most of these guys in the tank for those 2 years. But lately they have been getting a little to big for the tank and started fighting a little. Here's my list in order I added to the tank Sohal tang Purple tang Regal blue tang Yellow tang Clown tang Pick to prove They all pretty much about the same size, about 5"s or so. Really only the sohal and clown chase the purple. Surprisingly the sohal and clown tang get along nicely. I've thought about letting a few of them go but the wife refuses to let me do that. She even bought me a bigger tank so I had to keep the five tangs. I'm currently waiting on the stand to get the 300 up and running.
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