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  1. I have a Fish only tank with Groupers, Moray Eel, Foxface and other aggressive species in a 150 gallon. I recently added a Spanish Hogfish, he's about 6 inches and has no trouble holding his own with the Groupers. My question is can I keep a Spanish and Cuban Hogfish together? I thought there might be a problem with territories between the two. Any input is appreciated. Bill
  2. Hi Wayne, I've bought some tougher fish from them over a year ago that are fine, Grouper, Triggers, etc. It's the Clownfish that have all died on me, All were very small to begin with. Hit or miss is a great way to describe it. Thanks Bill
  3. No plants in the sump, just bio balls and a protein skimmer. No room for much else. I know I could go with plants and sand and lighting, can't afford to take that plunge right now. Thanks! Bill
  4. Thanks for the reply's everyone, I appreciate the input, I spoke with the manager today and he is willing to replace one fish. I told him when I bought fish a few days ago there was a Small Angel with fungus on both eyes they left in the tank, beside that my son who was with me spotted a dead Clownfish in another tank. They may have two sumps max, and yes the tanks share the same water. I'll take the replacement fish, hope it survives and then I am DONE. There sure are alot of complaints about this company, I'm not sure how many are valid. If there is a problem with my water I would like to know what it is, I use a RO/DI system and add Prime just in case any chlorine sneaks in. I have a Discus tank with no losses in a year, plus a 150 gal saltwater tank with fish I have had for years. I wish I had the answer . High Nitrates has been basically my only problem. Thanks, Bill
  5. I was wondering if anyone has had a bad experience purchasing fish at Petco in Pt Charlotte. I bought a Koran Angel a few months back that had a virus, a small spot was on his dorsal fin, but I missed it. They don't have a guarantee on their fish and would not take him back, however he is OK now since the virus effects mainly Angels and Butterfly's. I have two Groupers that are susceptible to this but look fine. In the past two weeks I have bought four Clownfish, Maroon and Cinnamon that stayed alive about two days. I think I've had enough trouble with this company, customer service says they will address this, but I am not holding my breath. I'm just curious if anyone else around here has had a problem, I see quite a few complaints on the Internet about Petco. Last time I was there I spotted a small Angel with fungus on both eyes, the aquatic specialist said they had no quarantine or hospital tanks. The way they are set up all the Saltwater fish share the same water, so what would keep problems from spreading throughout the entire system?Maybe I have already answered my own question, I don't think I will buy anymore fish from them. Any comments would be appreciated. Bill
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