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  1. Where are you located? What color leds? Atinic I hope
  2. What is that encrusting coral? 4 pic at top. I’ll take some. Price?
  3. Joefish south ft Myers . Has the cnc machine and all. He’s making all sorts of stuff these days.
  4. Boardroom ft myers carries them
  5. Weekends are hit or miss if I’m home but I’ll be close. Not going away or anything
  6. I’m In Cape Coral and home by 5pm most nights 239 440 9719 Frank need to do a cheato clean out anyway
  7. Many online auctions ( Facebook)but have to get past all the photoshopped pics. WWC has an EBay page.
  8. Not just weekends either would love to attend some some night time meetings
  9. Is the protein skimmer inside the body or outside? If inside, I will take it.
  10. Ron the new corals are doing great already. Thank you for great deals .
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