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  1. I help when I can but this time I will be away for business. Sorry
  2. 45 gallon 36 long x 24 high x 12 wide
  3. I have a 45 gallon. In Cape Coral and it’s free
  4. The stress alone trying to catch the fish for transport will do more damage to them then anything. Then doing it twice a year. Then transport them. Crazy yes.
  5. Wife and daughters will be school shopping in the area while we do the tour. then off to Miami afterwards for us( more shopping)
  6. Please add me. Just me frank scimeca
  7. Where are you located? What color leds? Atinic I hope
  8. What is that encrusting coral? 4 pic at top. I’ll take some. Price?
  9. Joefish south ft Myers . Has the cnc machine and all. He’s making all sorts of stuff these days.
  10. Boardroom ft myers carries them
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