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  2. Still have some zoas, but pickings are getting a bit thin.
  3. This system makes 150gpd. The filters were changed 4 months ago. It has a small leak on the first membrane inlet. Asking $150.00 for SWFMAS member.
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  5. Free but must pick up today 4 big shroom rocks Frag racks Tankmatez bubble trap 239 738 4188 Todd
  6. Tank and all equipment sold. Still have Hydras $250 ea, tankematez bubble fish trap $30, Milwaukee digital refractometer $60, and 4 large rocks covered in ricordea $20 ea
  7. Will take all of your zoas for sure.
  8. I’m Interested in a kit if your items. Let me know when would be a good time to meet? Thanks.
  9. Free Ecotech MP60 wet side housing in great shape, no impeler. Comment here or PM me for details VID_20210412_191751.mp4
  10. Getting ready to have alot of construction here at the house won't be able to adress the tanks as I should. So to avoid future crashes and deaths I've decide to work my way out of the hobby for now maybe forever.First will be Livestock. Then tank stand etc *Fish* 1 Wyoming white clownfish small-15$ 1 medium size yellow tang- 50$ 3-4 green chromis- 20$ 1 redhead fairy wrasse-30$ *Corals* 2 orange galaxea Yumas Common discos Watermelon *zoas* Rastas Devils armor Wwc purple monsters Speckled kraks Queen strats FR snozberries Fruit loops Fairy farts Alot of other I can't remember( some are seperated as this is my frag tank. Different price per frag of course 300 for all mentioned. Will make seperate post with high ends inside tank not included in bulk sale. *Tank* Deep blue 80 RR frag tank rimless Black stand could use new paint if desired 400$ Eshoppes sump unsure of name uses 7" sock 50$ Amazon DC return pump with controller works awesome run them on both tanks without issue 50$ 2 primes one white one black 100$ each black has newer arm white has old school 100$ each 1 26 with old school arm 200$ If wanted the tank could come with custom frag racks made from joefish aquatics to fit the tank stadium style heights are adjustable on each one 150$ for the set. 200w heater 20$
  11. I just saw the dimensions in your older post. I would like to come take a look at it on Thursday if it's still available. Would be interested in whole tank package including equipment, and possibly liverock and certain corals if you have any left.
  12. What are the dimensions of the tank? Any noticeable scratches or damage?
  13. For Sale $100 Only used once to test but never put in service. "Skimz Leopard Water Pumps are powered by Askoll motor blocks that are made in Italy. Askoll motors are commonly used in the aquarium trade where reliability and performance are required". Max Flow - 2375 GPH Max Head - 13 FT Todd 239-738-4188
  14. For Sale $40 Never opened 160 Gallons Todd 239-738-4188
  15. He has some beautiful well established live rock with coraline algae on it. Best live rock you can get at that price!
  16. How much for rock? Need about 40lbs. When would be a good time? edit: saw price was listed above, sorry.
  17. Ill take the Pectinia, will call in the morning and bring my buckets!
  18. Updated List and Price Drop!!! Here's what's left: 220 Gallon All Glass tank, stand, and canopy $600 Apex EL, probes, EB8, Auto Feeder $300 Skimz Skimmer w/Avast Swabbie and Skimate Locker $250 Coral Vue Kamoer Doser $30 BRS Doser x2 $50 Trigger Systems Triton saphire sump $250 T-5 Retro 5' x2 $50 Coral Box Dosing Container $30 400w Titanium Heater $40 Tank and all listed equipment pkg deal of $1000 Still also have lots of liverock Pectinia $150 Hammers $10 per head (approx 25 left) Easter Egg Chalice $40 Lemonberry Chalice $15 Toxic Rainbow Swirl Chalice $15 Mojito Chalice $15 Orange Galaxia $15 Phoenix Monti $15 Bubble Coral $250 Green Torch $80 Large orange cap on big rock $50
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