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  2. Thanks for the advice but I’m over it and now selling everything lol
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  4. I'm possibly interested in the lights and apex pm me when able
  5. Please send me a text with general location. I've moved a few tanks and would like to stay within a reasonable distance. I live just outside of Lehigh 239-691-7117 I miss the hobby and want back in.
  6. I have had this 90 gal reef tank for a year now and I’m over it. It’s a sad day but I have come to the realization that I’m not good at this hobby. I have spent so much money to set this tank up and have so much equipment to run a great reef tank. I would love to see all this go to someone that wants to take it over. Here is some of the equipment 2- 24” photon 24-V2+ a spa led bar neptune apex with extras for it icepcap 4K pump curve 7 protein skimmer 2-apex water fill pumps was going to set up auto water change ati auto fill another good hang on back skimmer all Hanna checkers chemicals 39 gal bow front tank and stand 20 gal tank was for QT tank there is fish and some corals in tank don’t want to see them suffer anymore I’m asking not to get lowballed but a decent price to take everything and would love to see pics of it when you get it running good.
  7. Have these wild acro mini colonie for trade if interested
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  9. Need to make some room. Trades on some items are welcome. Devils armor(multiples ready) 20 per frag some singles will be 10 Highliter indo torch 40 Blie lagoons (multiples ready) 30 per frag SBB aphrodite double 150 Fairy fart double ( multiples ready)- 40-80 OG bounce baby 300 Located in Port Charlotte 941- 740-0367 Text at reasonable times please 20210111_183224.mp4
  10. I think you have to have a paid membership to do so.
  11. Maybe replace the sand in the tank with larger non-live sand. you can put it in a smaller tank or bucket to cure for a couple of weeks.
  12. What fish do you have? Look for any signs of stress. That is what causes the ich. Ich is always in the water column. I don't think that you should treat for ich if you haven't seen it for a while. Moving a few corals at a time would be a good idea that way you can use them as Guinea pigs. Maybe start with soft then LPS. In your new tank, provide a few hiding spots for the fish to go and chill out. Once you move them over try to give them space for a bit to calm down and get used to their new surroundings. Best of luck!
  13. I think Eshopps has a a nano skimmer. I have a Eshopps skimmer, although larger, that has fantastic build quality and works great. There may be cheaper options though. Are you filter pads getting dirty too fast? If it has a light bioload and your nutrients are in check you may not need the extra capacity.
  14. Would also trade for a decent wavemaker, or really good liverock
  15. Oh yeah, I was going to ask $200 unless someone was buying it with the tanks and stand then I'd do it all for $650.
  16. I don't have an out of box picture, its literally still in the original packaging. The sump is a RS-75 not the current generation but the last version with dimensions of 18x10x16.
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  18. For sale, AquaEuro Apex-Titanium 1/4 HP chiller, for tanks up to 170g. I know, its cold outside... but cold summer is almost over and we will be entering warm summer again soon, dont let your tank crash when hot summer hits! Total disclosure of sale, this was part of a tank package, which i kept the tank only (RSM 250). The connections at the tank (not chiller) around the hood of the RSM were leaking, there was a mountain of salt-creep, and corrosion of the hood/lights. Those tanks are notorious for running hot, I am not using that old lid (already trashed, sorry), or need to use this chiller. I have cleaned it up, vacuumed filters, sanitized, and it turned right on. It was running with the tank just up to a couple months ago, not sure on age, but it is in fairly good condition! I am asking only $250 picked up, Matlacha. Can PM here, but I dont use these forums too often, text is bext 85O-57O-1423, thank you. It is a $750 unit, Amazon $750!
  19. Do you have a picture of the sump and price?
  20. Will cut Frags from these acros if you are interested. Just let me know what size you would like and I can frag them. 1. Ding dang Milli: small: $40 large: $60 2. Indo green table: small: $25 large: $40 3. Indo green milli: small: $25 Large $40 239-565-8684 will
  21. I have a brand new 60 gallon rimless cube from Marineland with stand that I purchased as an upgrade tank but have decided to go another path. My loss your gain! The stand is typical brown grain MDF. The tank is reef ready plumbed. Asking $500 for both tank and stand. I also have Eshopps sump that fits in the stand that is new in box and would be willing to part with as well.
  22. Tank breakdown and Im gonna restart for a number of reasonss. But I have this big monti and no room for it. The few frags I have are in a 10 gallon tank with this monster lol. I live in the cape by santa Barbara and veterans. I don't feel like breaking it all apart and selling it to everyone so whoever wants it come get it. It's about a foot across. I need it out. Gotta bring something for transport. Text or call. 239-322-9727
  23. Plug with 3 queen strats, 3 speckled kraks, and 1 POTO fallen angel zoas $60 Punk Rockers 10 polyps $20 6 head gold hammer $150 Also have green slimers, green digis, bubblegum digi, blue/green hammers, and a few other zoas Text or call 239-738-4188 Todd
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