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  2. Whole frag tank setup 600$ obo Comes with tank, stand, lights, light rack, lots of coral frags, colonies, rock, sand, red macro , 30g sump, pump, vinyl hoses, and a SCWD alternating current. Should be everything needed to plug in and start selling. Blue lights on one light not working and one works sometimes usually a ballast issue whites working as should with some blues leds mixed with white channel I have one extra ballast might have 2 though
  3. Yesterday
  4. Also have 2 scroll corals your choice of one 6” 50$ 3” 25$ 239-322-4344 text best
  5. Well looks like it’s time to start parting out Im available sat tues wed and Thursday evenings frags 5 to 30$ each mother colonies 50 to 150$ prices negotiable more u buy better your deal selling corals rock and sand first Only 3 fish, clownfish,clown gobbie and mandarin 5$ each all equipment and tank set up after livestock is sold Also have two large mother colonies of tyree bubble gum monster on mag rocks in my 60g tank your choice of ether one 200$ Again they’re negotiable Dave
  6. Last week
  7. Our August meeting will be Saturday, August 14 at 3 pm. Location will be at Estero Community Center. We will have a guest speaker, Morgan Moore aka Reefgardener. Her topic will be the care and aquaculture of Ricordea florida. We will even have a few Ricordea for a raffle at this meeting. Link for more information about Reefgardener can be found below. Morgan will be driving over that day for the presentation. If you wish to preorder from her, she can bring it to the meeting for you to pick up there. https://www.reefgardener.com/
  8. Lots of corals available. Some prices listed below message me for any questions. Local pick up. Lehigh Acres, Fl Firework Clove Polyps Frags $45 Orange Ricordea $25 Tonga Hammer Frags $15 Bugle Gum Digi Frags $20 Setosa Frags $20 Forest Fire Mushroom $45 Acanthophyllia $550 Golden Torches starting $175
  9. when are you going to be around to check out the coral,?
  10. Earlier
  11. Wife and daughters will be school shopping in the area while we do the tour. then off to Miami afterwards for us( more shopping)
  12. I think that will be a group discussion the day of. I'm babysitting a friends dogs this weekend, so I'm not making a full day of the trip
  13. I have 3 or 4 small Hawkins frags from a few weeks back. Fully healed, just not very big
  14. After the tour, is anyone hanging around for lunch, or is everyone needing to head back home with livestock?
  15. scheduled to work so I can no longer make it, sorry. thanks, Joe Rollo
  16. Wayne makes 12. We are booked.
  17. If there is room for 1 more count me in.
  18. It’s the old school sulfur and calcium type Cant remember the brand but It was Marco’s originally I think it does like 600g but I just use less media in it comes with a full one gallon of ARM I’ll post a pic in the morning
  19. What kind of nitrate reactor? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  20. Looks much better in person Old iPhone 6 pics Ill part out in a week or so
  21. Corals : JF mystic sunset neon green confusa ultra bright frog spawn I payed a lot for this one lots of branching hammer red cap duncans fire lamalosa lots of ultra orange yumas These sell for 75 to 125 on the reefgardners site, I know cause I sell them to her Blue yumas hydnophora superman shrooms purple shrooms red macro Zoas : Whammin watermelons rastas fire & ice long lash eagle eyes large green cinnamons Emerald star dust palys
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