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  2. I have read about companies in the Florida Keys who drop aragonite rock that has been mined from quarries near Miami into the ocean off of the middle Keys and let it come alive. I see some landscaping rock that looks alot like dry rock I see in the LFS. Is this dry rock called something else in the landscaping, gardening or even pond business? On one site, I saw a white coral looking rock that was being called Florida Top Rock.
  3. Forgot to add prices. Thermosphere-300 Fairy farts -40 Darwins- 50 Buttmuncher -50 Krak gods- 100 Highlighters- 40 per head Og bounce baby- 300 per
  4. Sbb thermosphere Fairy farts Darwin vamps Buttmuncher Krak gods 3 highlighter torches 2 double 1 single 1 possibly 2 og bounce babies for the right price Cash or trade for items i don't have Located port Charlotte 941-623-6937 Drew
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  6. Not yet. Several people still interested but apparently they are stuck between a sweat and a poop.
  7. Pentair Smart UV 40Watt for sale Used 1.5 years purchased new bulb replaced in June works great 2 grey wall mounts included original manual located in Naples $300 Suggested Aquarium Size: 260 gallon or less Minimum Operational Flow Rate: 157 GPH Maximum Operational Flow Rate: 1574 GPH Specifications Max Aquarium Size: 260 Gallons Number of Lamps: 1 Algae & Bacteria Water Flow Rate: 943GPH/1574GPH (Suggested*/Maximum) Protozoa Bacteria Water Flow Rate: 157GPH/262GPH (Suggested*/Maximum) Input Watts: 40 watts UV-C Output Watts: 14 watts UV Body Length: 43.75" UV Body Diameter: 3.5" Inlet/Outlet Size: 1.5" PVC Unions
  8. Kraks 4 polyps and a baby $80 Queen Strats 6 polyps and a baby $30 Todd 239-738-4188
  9. Two Little FIshies Reactor SOLD. The NextReef MR1 units are still available.
  10. Pot luck of frags to choose from name and price in image. Any interest or questions please text me at 12392840341.
  11. Frags from 5-20 dollars. Big size Monti Frags and the Acropora Frags are purple tip stags. The 2nd picture of the Acropora is to give an understanding of what the Frags will turn into. fort Myers 239-565-8684
  12. We need to lower our 90 gal + sump down by about 10 degrees...🥵 Not looking for something pretty, it just has to work!
  13. "I have 2 JBJ Arctica 1/10 HP DBA-075 chillers available. They haven't been used for a few years. Looking for $175 each or $300 for both"


    🐠Zyphen, are the chillers still available?🐟

  14. Zyphen, are the chillers still available?
  15. Looking for advice in one of those apps for my android Thanks in advance
  16. Cotton candy, indo green and one highlighter sold.
  17. I'm needing to clear space in the tanks, tons of zoas high to low end. Some shrooms, mostly bounces, some reg non bounce. Torches, Hammers Drew 941-740-0367 Port Charlotte
  18. Burning Embers -40pp Wwc purple monsters -20pp Sakura sunrise-5pp RPE- 10pp Blue hornets- 10pp Queen strats 10 pp Daisy cutters-10pp Sonic flares-20 pp Highlighter torches 40 per head (Singles and double available) "Cotton candy" double- 140 Indo green double- 100 Branching hammer - 20 per head All frags were cut months ago and are ready to move need to clear some space. Will trade for other zoas and corals
  19. Hi there, right now I don’t have any emeralds on Fire but I do have a frag of ASD Candy Apples
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