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  2. Paying it forward. Price drop to $100
  3. AI Prime 14 months old is available for $150.00 extra SOLD
  4. Below is the 2021 meeting schedule. As dates are confirmed, they will marked as BOLD May 16 @ 6 pm - This will be a members on Zoom meeting. It will be an open BOD/Officers meeting. June - planning annual Keys snorkel trip July - tentative guest speaker or poker run August - tentative guest speaker or aquarium field trip September - tentative guest speaker or poker run October - Fall Frag Auction (event confirmed, date is TBD) November - possible multi club BBQ or aquarium field trip December - Holiday party
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  6. 8+ " Ruffled Umbrella Leather long mint green polyps on rock $85. or trade for bubble tip, or ?
  7. So my wife made a major error of judgement and indicated I should fill an alcove in our den with a new reef tank (she didn't like the arcade / tank combo currently in place). I've picked up a 130 gallon Waterbox. With the sump I'm up to 190 gallons in a relatively small room. I'm now realizing that I may be facing a humidity issue once the tank is in. When I lived up north humidity was a big problem in most tanks setups but I've never really had an issue in Florida where I run my AC most of the year however I've never had such a large tank either. I'll probably put covers overs the sump. I don't want to add a small dehumidifier because of the extra heat they put off. I was thinking of adding a exhaust fan over the space before the tank goes in. Am I overthinking this or am I going to be fine with that size tank?
  8. I have several 6 mini colonies available asking $20 each. I can meet in Fort Myers or Naples.
  9. I buy one please close Thanks
  10. Need a chiller for 125 gallons aquarium
  11. Still have some zoas, but pickings are getting a bit thin.
  12. Hey Drew, Do you have anything remaining?
  13. This system makes 150gpd. The filters were changed 4 months ago. It has a small leak on the first membrane inlet. Asking $150.00 for SWFMAS member.
  14. Free but must pick up today 4 big shroom rocks Frag racks Tankmatez bubble trap 239 738 4188 Todd
  15. Tank and all equipment sold. Still have Hydras $250 ea, tankematez bubble fish trap $30, Milwaukee digital refractometer $60, and 4 large rocks covered in ricordea $20 ea
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