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  2. please call me at 2399409493 I will go for the price Liviu
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  4. Just get a quality unit, and quality regulator. Build some safeties into it. For instance, the older korallin units had a bad habit of clogging the effluent line, causing the internal media to mush, build up pressure, then finally blowing the effluent line open and dumping the resulting disaster... that usually crashed the tank. rule of thumb, the more efficient the unit is, the less of a low pH problem you'll have in the display.
  5. Calc reactors are really not that scary, once you get over the few hurtles of setup and adjustments its basically set it and forget it. I have run a calc reactor since I started in the hobby over 10 years ago, I prefer it over dosing. John Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  6. 1- Treehouse on fire 5p 60$ 2- cb white zombies • 1p 60$ • 3p 140$ 3- frozen apples 3p 35$ 4 wobbegongs and pink rockers 35$ 5- Oompa Loompas 4p 35$ 6- el corazon oxides 2p each 60$ 7- pink diamonds 4p 40$ 8-alien anti venoms 4p 50$ 9- purple monsters 9p 50$ 10- queen strats 5p 80$ 11 space chaos 2p 60$ 12 magicians 3p 30$ 13- Miami vice 3p 40$ 14- jf avid relfux 1p with baby 40$ 15-kJ afterburners 2p 40$ Any questions or interest please msg me at12392840341 open to trades as well
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  8. I've been told that calcium reactors are a pain in the butt to maintain. Tubing clogs, Co2 leaks, etc. Does anyone have recent experience either good or bad to recommend?
  9. purple digi, grafted monti, red monti caps and green birdsnest frags left. Will add more soon.
  10. Cindy and I will be there with deviled eggs and artichoke dip
  11. As the subject line states, I'm looking for a rimless tank that's around 75g to 100g. Thanks
  12. Need something a bit bigger. For 200 gallon tank
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  14. Still 2 cuttings left if anyone is interested in one. 👍🏽
  15. Thank you 😉 I took it out for now.
  16. Nice looking pieces Chris! yiu didn’t put a price on the Duncan in the last pic, just FYI.
  17. I’ll send you a txt in the AM. If you get this sooner my number is 2393046229. Txt any time.
  18. I have the room. I will take few of them, large bird of paradise and green birdnest Please let me know Thank you 239-940-9493
  19. Free 56g column tank and stand. Custom made stand is I believe 40” tall. Little taller than average. Tank is drilled and outfitted with overflow etc. it sat outside (tank, not stand) for a few months so I’d recommend re sealing it. Great condition just needs a cleaning. No damage to stand. Stand fits a 20g Tall for the sump. 34116
  20. A few colonies/frags for sale. All healthy. Need to make room. Naples 34116 Open to offers red/green grafted cap frags - $15 ea Large bird of paradise frag 2.5” tall. $10 Green birdsnest - 7” x 6” x 6” tall - $50 green birdsnest - 4” x 6” x 4” tall - $20 huge bird of paradise seri. colony - approx 8” x 8” x 6” tall - $40 red monti cap - 4” x 4” - $10 Purple monti digitata frags - 1.5” tall - $5
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