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  2. Looking for skimmer for 60 gallons or more.
  3. Hi, let me know when I can maybe stop by and buy some corals?
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  5. I have a 45 gallon. In Cape Coral and it’s free
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  7. Looking for a 55 gallon or so tank. Doesn’t need to hold water(bearded dragon). Would prefer a stand as well but not required. Thanks in advance
  8. Flipper Aquarium Products: Cleaner Mitts, Camera Phone filters, Feeding Kit and a viewing portal https://flipperaquariumproducts.com/
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  10. Open to multiple high end trades, or trades and cash lmk.
  11. Saltwater Aquarium.com : Carbon, GFO, filter bags, masks, sunglasses and coozies https://www.saltwateraquarium.com/
  12. Our October meeting will be our annual Fall Frag Auction. This meeting has it's own Forum section. See below: https://www.swfmas.com/forum/index.php?/forum/88-2021-fall-frag-auction/
  13. black sold, white still available.
  14. Selling this bounce mushroom I got from WWC a few back. It was just 1 mushroom but split into 3 decent size mushrooms. Bought a single for 600. Selling for 850 for all 3
  15. Selling a white cap goby with a pistol shrimp. Extremely rare. A lot of LFS didn’t even know what it was lol. Selling for 400 OBO. A great little fish for a nano. Healthy and eating. Located in Miami area
  16. Two hydra 26HD. Working perfectly. One white, one black.. $225 each. Includes mountings arms, etc. message or txt me: (239)304-6229
  17. Santa Monica Filtration. HOG1x - Hang on Glass Algae Scrubber https://www.santa-monica.cc/HOG1x-Hang-On-Glass-UAS-Upflow-Algae-Scrubber-with-Green-Grabber-surface-and-Xtra-LEDs--1-Cube-feeding-per-day--MAGNET-VERSION_p_38.html
  18. Aqua FX: Replacement sediment filter, carbon block and DI for RODI and DI units. Will be raffled as one prize https://www.aquariumwaterfilters.com/
  19. Liferock Fraggerz by Caribsea. Frag rocks designed so you can put your coral on this rock and isolate it from other corals. https://caribsea.com/
  20. Listed below are the positions needing to be filled for the event to run as smoothly as possible. Please volunteer by posting which position you would like to help with! Volunteers: Entry / Membership (entry fee) (2) – Register Bidders (1) - Armbands (1) - Register Sellers / Sort Corals (2) - Merchandise Table (1) - Sell Drinks (1) - Auctioneer (1) – Jdhuyvetter Runners (2) - Camera Man (1) - Data Entry (1) – Checkout (4) – Paper Tracking (2) - The numbers behind the positions are the minimum number of people needed.
  21. Our Annual Frag Auction will be Sunday, October 24th. This auction is open to all (members and non members alike). There will be a raffle at this event. For any livestock or liquid or frozen foods, you must be present to win. For dry goods and liquid supplements, we will hold any unclaimed prizes until the next meeting. So, keep your tickets if you are not present at the drawing. Unclaimed prizes will be reclaimed by the club and used at future monthly meeting raffles. Tickets are $1 each. Location: Riverside Community Center 3061 East Riverside Drive Fort Myers, FL 33916 Click here for a map Door Fee: SWFMAS club Members - $3 per person Other Florida MAS Members - $4 per person No Club Affiliation - $5 per person (children under 17 get in free) Drinks (water & soda) $1 each Schedule: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm: Seller Registration 12:00 pm - 12:50 pm: Bidder Registration 12:50 pm - 1:00 pm: Club announcements and auction rules (please be seated by this time) 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm: Live Auction 3:00 pm - 3:15 pm: Auction Break and last call for RAFFLE tickets 3:30 pm - Close: Live Auction 3:30 pm - volunteers will pull raffle tickets and label prizes. At the CLOSE OF THE AUCTION, prizes may be picked up. Auction Item List: (Will be published after seller registration is complete) **Bidders will need to bring a box or cooler which we will number with your bidder number and placed on stage to hold the items you win! You will need at least one box/cooler for each bidder; you may not share a box/cooler with someone. **
  22. Official Coral Registration Rules And Instructions The following rules and instructions apply to those selling corals in the SWFMAS Auction. You must be a paid SWFMAS member to sell corals at the auction. You do not need to be a paid member to buy corals at the auction. Registration to bid is the day of the auction and is open to all. Dates and Deadlines Item Registration will open on Sunday, September 26th at 12:00 PM EDT (noon). Registrations submitted before then will not be valid and will be deleted. All corals must be registered by Sunday, October 16th at 5:00 PM EDT (10/16/21). Item Registration consists of listing the corals for sale in your own thread in this forum, posting pics is optional but highly recommended. (Note, if you choose not to post pictures, we will not post a sample picture for you. When your coral is auctioned, there will be a generic/non item related photo on the slideshow.) Deadline for posting pictures is Sunday, October 16th at 5:00 PM EDT. If you choose not to post pictures in this forum, they may be emailed to [email protected]; Picture format instructions are below and, whether posted or emailed, are still due by Sunday, October 16th (10/16/2019) What Items Can I Register? Auction split is 75/25 (75% to the seller, 25% to SWFMAS) If you wish to have a minimum bid, please post it in your registration thread (see instructions below). There is a maximum of 3 corals per type, per seller (in other words, you may bring 3 Hollywood Stunner, not 4. Also, you may bring 3 green digitata, 3 red digitata and 3 purple digitata. You may not bring 4 of each color) There is a maximum of 35 corals per seller. There is a maximum of 10 corals per type in the auction. Once we hit 10 of a given coral, no more will be accepted. This is first come, first served. The auction maximum is 350 items. Once we hit 350, registration will be closed. Every year, we have a few corals donated to the club. As always, these are welcome and will be auctioned at the end. We prefer that you preregister donation corals. But, this is not a requirement. Donated corals do not count towards the 350 maximum. We call this a frag auction. But, it is really a fundraiser for the club. Any marine livestock is acceptable. If you are raising clown fish, cardinals, etc., we would love to see them. In years past, we have auctioned macro algae, fish, inverts, and clean-up crews. (SWFMAS reserves the right to determine whether an item is appropriate for listing in the auction.) Preparing my Items **Auction Items must be in the SWFMAS provided bags if they fit. No zip lock bags, Tupperware, specimen cups, etc.; Only items that do not fit in the provided bags may be in a different type of container if necessary that the seller is responsible for providing.** Bags can be picked up from the following: Lehigh - Jeff (jdhuyvetter) Estero - Heather (ChemStar) Please PM one of the members above to schedule a time to pick up your bags. How do I Register? The following instructions apply to posting your item registration for the Frag Auction: NOTE: Auction Item Registration opens September 26th at noon (12:00 PM EDT). Entries before this date and time will not be considered registered. Deadline for Auction Item Registration: October 16th at 5:00 PM EDT Deadline for Picture Registration: October 16th at 5:00 PM EDT To register your corals for the auction, please create a post in the 2019 Fall Frag Auction section titled "[your screen-name]'s Auction Coral Registration Thread" and add your corals as follows: Item #, Scientific name (if you know it), common name and details - minimum bid (if you have one) Please list every item separately, for example, if you have 3 Red Cap frags, please list them on 3 separate lines in your auction thread. DO NOT list them as 3 x 1" Red Cap as this makes it harder for us to count and ensure that each item is properly registered and accounted for. For example: 01. Montipora Capricornis sp., Red Cap (1" by 1" frag on plug) - no minimum 02. Montipora Capricornis sp., Red Cap (2" by 2" frag on plug) - $5 minimum 03. Montipora Capricornis sp., Green Cap colony (10" diameter on rock) - $30 minimum 04. Zoanthid sp., Red Hornet zoanthids (8 polyps on plug) - $10 minimum ... Item Pictures While pictures are not required for registration, they are extremely helpful in increasing bids on your corals (We highly recommend them!). Please use the following format to post pictures of your corals: file format: .jpg picture size: 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high (please size your pictures before sending. Request help if needed with re-sizing pictures. If you need a tool to re-size your pictures, you can try webresizer online) file name: [item number]-[screen-name].jpg (example: 02-zyphen.jpg) You can add writing on the picture to label and point to a specific coral if the shot contains multiple corals, but please do not add your item numbers (provided once registration is closed) to what you write (as these will be different to the randomized lot numbers presented during the auction. You can write "Frag 1", "Frag 2" on the pictures if multiple frags are in the photo. The top right hand corner will be where we number your picture for the slide projection to match the number of the coral once registration is complete and we have randomized the registered corals and provided sellers (you) with your lot numbers to write on your bags. Please do NOT write anything in the top right corner of your picture as it will be covered up by our item registration number. Here is an example of a picture:
  23. Thank you very much for the feedback.
  24. The stress alone trying to catch the fish for transport will do more damage to them then anything. Then doing it twice a year. Then transport them. Crazy yes.
  25. Crazy....yes, but then most of us are. I had 13 addresses over 8 years due to work. I moved my fish with me. I had two 100 gallon plus tanks and a whole bunch of smaller tanks. I was breeding some cichlids at the time. I did have one soft coral reef tank. My longest move was from Panama City to Fort Myers. So, not the same as you. I see a couple options that might work: Stick with your plan of two systems. But, I would add that you keep a bunch of filter sponges or bio balls in the sump and move those with you with each move. Plenty of options, but each move is going to be a "cycle" as far as the tanks are concerned. Lots of 5-gallon buckets with bubblers for the drive. Same as above, but pay someone to pack and ship your fish (for my Panama City to Fort Myers move, I had a local shop do that with my corals). This takes away some of the stress of being rushed. Sell the fish before you leave and buy new after you move. good idea to have a maintenance company check on your empty system from time to time. My biggest concern here would be how often. I'd make sure you have a good ATO.
  26. I was an active marine fish aquarium hobbyist for many years and love the hobby. But, I am now challenged by my lifestyle. I spend 4-5 summer months each year at my home in Upstate New York and the remaining 7-8 months at my home in Naples, Florida. The lifestyle has its benefits so I can't complain BUT, it has also put a real damper on my marine fish hobby. I'm wondering if there's a way to enjoy the hobby again. Here are my thoughts. The initial questions I have are "am I crazy?" and "is this idea humane?" The marine animals must come first. 1. Set-up the same size aquariums in each home (contemplating 150-200 gallon tanks), using exactly the same equipment, salt etc. and ensuring that the base water conditions are the same (there is a question (below) about the expected changes in conditions between a tank with fish and the one without). 2. Transport the fish with me. This would mean 2 trips per year. One to New York and the other back to Florida. This is my biggest concern. I've been away from the hobby for about 5-7 years so, I am not familiar with today's technology. My question is "are there transport containers that would minimize stress on the fish and provide the necessary oxygen/water conditions?" My door-to-door travel is about 4 hours. It would be better if such containers were "off the shelf" items but, If necessary, I am open to having existing products retrofitted or custom made, if necessary. The "redline" issue for me, however, is if the technology doesn't exist or can be made to make this travel safe and humane for the fish, the idea ends. 3. Two water condition questions: 1) Once the biological conditions are developed in the initial tank with fish, how can those conditions be preserved when the fish are removed for the time periods mentioned above, and 2) How can I biologically prepare the second tank (where the fish will be transported) so their introduction doesn't create dangerous nitrate, ammonia etc. levels upon introduction. 4. I am not considering having any coral/invertebrates unless it is suggested that they can be left behind (not moved from tank-to-tank) and may, somehow, help with maintaining the biology of the tank when the fish aren't present. I am open to having a maintenance company assist with 1-2 visits per month, in my absence, with keeping the "fish-less" tank biologically maintained (if that's even possible). So, back to the beginning......"am I crazy?" 😀 For any of you that read this and have ideas, thank you. Joe
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