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  3. RickO and LisaO are going. We may have additional friends tag along.
  4. Looking good buddy. Everything's doing great. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  5. 1. Christmas Mirabelis: $35 2. Christmas Mirabelis: $25 3. Green with yellow base Indo milli: $25 4. WWC Ding dang Milli: $25 5. WWC Ding Dang Milli: $35 6. Green and blue tip stag: $20 7. Jedi Mind Trick: $30 8. Jedi Mind Trick: $30 9. Green and blue tip stag: $20 first I know that the ding dang Frags are small. I tried to make one frag with the cut but it became two. And admittedly that’s the size frag I bought in the first place. The last few pictures are the the main piece they were cut from.
  6. Hey everyone bunch of frags everything must go! Still some frags available from previous posts, no reasonable offer will be refused! Any interest or questions please text me at 2392840341 • blood agaves 4 singles 15$ each 1 double 20$ (Fat heads) •1p Stiggy Marley 20$ •GB lil shop of horror 150$ •4p oompas Loompas 20$ •3p Red Devils 15$ • 2p event horizons 15$ •1p rainbow rhino 20$ •8p oxides 25$ •2p pink zippers and 3p nirvanas 15$ •4p queen strats 30$ •cb flaming Phoenix Monti 15$ •red devil king Midas combo 10$ •5p Oompa Loompas 25$ •2p speckled fire and ice 10$ •3p mystiques 10$ •2 heads purple torch 60$ •splitting indo green torch 2 mouths 80$ •2 heads cotton candy torch blue and pink tips 130$ •10p Tonga rockers 30$ •5p treehouse of horror 30$ •10+p of punk rockers 25$ •4p Miami vice 25$ •4p white zombie with 4+p rainbow hornets 40$ 4p blue lagoons 30$ •1p scarlet fever and 2p queen strats 30$
  7. Looking for acros millies diggies
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  9. Beautiful S. Gigantea nem for sale. Super healthy. Had it for several years. $225
  10. Queen strats and event horizons frags are sold still some nice frags available make me an offer no reasonable offer will be refused!
  11. Since Mother Nature was not very cooperative this year for our annual June trip to the Keys, we decided to try a snorkel trip again....with a twist. So, for our August meeting, we will do a beach snorkel trip to one of two locations. One is on the east coast and the other is on the west coast. So, we will have a Plan A and B pending what Mother Nature has in store that Saturday. Save the date and post up in this thread if you plan on attending. I will check the marine forecast for both locations a few days before and the finalize the trip. Plan A - Dania Beach snorkel trip. We will go to John Lloyd state park at the pier. The end of the pier is on a natural reef line. North of the pier there is a row of eurojacks (concrete erosion control devices) that run right off the beach out towards the reef. Good snorkel spots. Plan B - Anna Maria island snorkel trip. The Regina ( a sugar barge) sank about 150 feet off of the beach. The site is now an underwater Archaeological preserve. Again, we will check the marine forecast and post up here with a final location.
  12. I've got gsp for you, text me 239-213-8175.
  13. Ive got green birds nest frags, they are slightly thicker branches with redish tint under the green polyps.
  14. I have 3 Aquaillumination EXT extension rails for sale. Use to hang 4 hydra52hds. No charge for the dust, lol, will clean them off for ya. $20
  15. Selling a 20gal IM Nuvo with screen top and sicce pump. Used 2 years, good condition, minor damage to black vinyl on back, pump could use good scrub $150
  16. I have a used AI Prime with a 12" flex arm in black. Used on a 30gal long. Probably 3 yrs old? I replaced the fan 1 yr ago. Works pretty good, although it occasionally will shut off for few minutes and then come back on... $75
  17. Selling Tank, Stand, Sump, Canopy and Shadow Box 8 year old 150 gal marine land tank, drilled dual overflows, good condition, 72" x 18" x 28". You also get the cabinet which houses a dual Trigger System Sapphire 26 sumps and a light canopy that is vented and braces to wall. There is also a custom made shadow box behind the tank lit by t5s. Located in Naples. PM me for more details $500 (currently running empty with live sand)
  18. Looking for a 14 or 16 gallon biocube, no stand necessary! Thanks. ken
  19. All frags must go desperately need room no reasonable offer will be refused! IMG_2154.MOV
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