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  2. 120G Aquarium (Fish Tank), Trigger Systems Elite 36 sump and 25 gallon ATO reservoir for sale. Original owner and it was home to a beautiful saltwater display for the prior 7 years. Set up as a peninsula tank so it's drilled on one of the short ends. Sale is for the tank, sump and reservoir only for $225 OBO. Also listed on CL. The tank was taken down a few months ago and all livestock was re-homed. It was cleaned when emptied but will need a good cleaning before use. Text if interested as well...(239) 285-Five23Zero
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  4. Im in Lehigh Acres. Got Red Dragon acro, GARF Bonsai acro, red photosynthetic sponge and purple photosynthetic sponge
  5. Anyone in the Port Charlotte area selling any frags?
  6. I’ll take one. You can text me at 9417691205. I can head down to Ft Myers. Thanks
  7. Tank (AIO) & Stand $150.00
  8. Make an offer or build a pack, I need to make room!
  9. Nope! Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  10. Don’t forget that hydros have to be done every 5 years too, so if it’s been too long you’ll have to have that done. I’m PSI/PCI certified to visually inspect scuba tanks but I don’t personally own any of the supplies to do so, otherwise I’d offer to do it for ya
  11. Thanks, no worries. Not trying to give you work to do on my behalf, lol. Maybe I'll get my tanks filled here but ill have to get a vis on them since I haven't used them for a while. Otherwise I'll check out that shop you just mentioned. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  12. There is a place literally right before the bridge that rents tanks for $10 each, it’s called force-e scuba centers https://www.force-e.com/dive-shops/rentals/
  13. I own my own tank, and I know there are dive shops in the west Palm beach area really nearby blue heron that probably rent tanks but I would have to Google it. If you really want, there is a different dive shop near me I can rent tanks from for $12 each. I may rent a second tank for myself, but 4 tanks is pretty much my limit for transporting due to car size, and 2 tanks is much more manageable for me.
  14. So how are you going to dive if you don't have tanks? Or do you have your own? I'm just asking because I'd be interested to dive as well but I would need to have a tank or two so I though maybe I could pay you for an extra tank since you work at a shop. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  15. No, unfortunately we don’t rent tanks. Plus my dive shop is in Fort Lauderdale instead of west Palm beach, and I’m not familiar enough with the dive shops in the area to know exactly which ones rent tanks
  16. Can we rent tanks from you? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  17. Rainbow yoda and white zombie frag sold
  18. Have a bunch of frags looking to get rid of any interest or questions please text me at 2392840341.
  19. I’ll be coming. I’ve been to Blue Heron Bridge before, and I’ve been dying to go again. If anyone wants to dive instead of snorkel, I’ll bring my dive gear, since I work at a dive shop now.
  20. RickO and Lisa will be going. I have snorkeled this site before and they have a great underwater trail with mounds of rocks, sunken boats and other fun stuff to look at including tropical fish.
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