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  2. Box came in today. Anticipated raffle list below. May change slightly as I bag if we have any losses between now and Saturday. Currently being quarantined with daily water changes on my kitchen counter 2 bags of brittle stars (1 per bag) 1 bag, red brittle star 4 bags of orange knee/claw hermit crabs (2 or 3 per bag) 2 bags of ruby crabs (1 per bag) 3 bags of emerald crabs (1 per bag) 2 bags of ninja star snails ( 2 or 3 per bag) 3 bags of cucumbers (1 per bag, each a different color) 2 bags of peppermint shrimp (2 per bag) 3 bags of dwarf cerith snails (5 per bag) 4 bags of stocky cerith snails (2 per bag) 21 bags of blue leg hermits (6 per bag) 4 bags of Polka Dot hermits (1 per bag) 1 bag, pin cushion urchin
  3. Looking for Berghia Nudibranchs.
  4. We will be having a raffle of CUC at this meeting. Items are shipping from the Keys and will be here later in the week. I will update once they arrive. I am expecting 30 to 40 bags. Mix of hermits, snails and other critters.
  5. Great shape,water is still cycling though system ready for your inspection 125g tank with stand and canopy See my “moving whole system for sale” post for pics $300 OBO Dave 239 322 4344
  6. Ok tank is empty Just a Little rock and sand in it Water is still cycling though system for your inspection 125g Tank stand and canopy $300 OBO DAVE. 239 322 4344
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  8. Jeff, can you bring me a frag of your Hawkins echinata? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  9. Looking forward to this one. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  10. Our January meeting will be Saturday, January 22 at 3 pm. Meeting location will be the Estero Community Center (9200 Corkscrew Palms Blvd, Estero, FL 33928) Jeff D'huyvetter will be giving a presentation on CUC (Clean Up Crew or Clean Up Critters). Jeff has been collecting with Frank's Marine (his version of vacation days and fun) for over 20 years on his trips to the Keys. So, the topic will focus on the environment that they are collected, holding, shipping and aquarium care/compatibility of the Florida collected critters.
  11. Looking to keep mostly zoas and some LPS in the tank until it matures enough for SPS. Will be adding a hybrid fixture to the tank and want to make sure I'm not blasting the corals with too much light.
  12. Sorry, wife came down with fever yesterday so probably not a good time for at least 5 days. If you're okay maintaining precautions we can try working something out earlier, but def not today
  13. Everything in the gif and picture from the Dec 21st post is still available. Have all the trachys, few lobos, couple chalice, gorgonians, leathers, big bubble corals, anemones (rbta, mini carpets, big green carpet, tube), zoa/paly garden / den Gold mini carpet Zoa/paly den
  14. What corals you keep ?
  15. I'm in the Iona area. Looking to surpass the huge deposit on online rental if possible!
  16. Anyone on this post still have any cheato??
  17. I have a couple setups for sale; ● 45g JBJ AIO curved glass rimless tank with glass lids, GHL mitras 6200 LED, GHL doser, jebao DC return pump, jebao DC wavemaker, IM hydrofill titanium ATO, hygger heater and controller, custom metal stand. $500 OBO ●65g Red Sea 250 max AIO, de-rimmed (no hood) with acrylic one piece lid, Nanobox 36" ATI hybrid LED/T5ho light (6 clusters, 6 bulbs, 2 clusters have royal blue out!), 2 jebao DC return pumps, Aquamaxx HOB filter and skimmer, ATO, red sea power center, cement brick stand if you want. $500 OBO Both systems are up and running, have livestock, live rock, live sand. Livestock is going to be extra, but can work out deals between all my tanks to have a tank ready with minimal cycling. The Red Sea is my most recent addition, and still in ugly algae stages, and light could use new t5 bulbs. Both tanks display glass have some mild scratches, not perfect condition! Pickup only in Matlacha, will help break down upon confirmation of sale, or we can work something out. Please see my mushroom pack post for remaining livestock. Thank you! 85O-57O-I423 65g 45g
  18. Where you located ? Check online some stores rent it
  19. Is there anywhere/anyone in Fort Myers or the surrounding area who rents out PAR meters or would let me borrow one for a few days? Setting up a new tank and want to dial in my lighting. Thanks for any leads!
  20. Dimensions are 48x18x24. Edges of silicon show a little wear from cleaning glass with a magnetic scraper. 3/8" glass.
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