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  2. Anyone in Cape culling their chaeto this weekend? I'll take some off your hands.
  3. Last week
  4. Hello fello reefers, do any of you have a favorite scuba shop in fort Myers or close by? I am looking into getting scuba certified. I'm thinking there might be discounts for training due the the time of year. Thanks John Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  5. Selling a brand new pack of 25 Hanna Phosphorus ULR reagent packets. Expire in July of 2022 $8 cape coral
  6. You can reply on the forum (right here in this thread) with how many people total in your party will be coming and having lunch at Boyd Enterprises.
  7. Awesome project, looking forward to seeing this build and how both the overflow and algae scrubber work for you!
  8. RickO is going and grabbing the carpool seat with MattE Zyphen
  9. Things have been going a bit slower than i expected. I'm still waiting on the glass to be delivered and the metal stand to be completed and delivered to me but I have been slowly getting everything i needed in the mail lately for the set up.
  10. 1p Armageddon 1p ja fairy tales (not Jason fox fairy tales) 2p utter chaos 1p blue lagoons 40$ any interest or questions text me at 12392840341 open to trades. If your looking for anything in particular hit me up I might have it.
  11. Talked to Chris. He is also riding with me. So I now have room for 1 more
  12. Actual pictures of shed, in garage:
  13. For sale, my gently used, adult owned, never raced, freshly washed Keter Shed. Exterior Dimensions: 54.9 L X 30.3 W X 71.5 H inches Internal Dimensions : 51.37 L x 25.98 W x 69.48 H inches Thick, rib-reinforced wall panels. Weather-resistant materials. Heavy-duty 105° nickel hinge Customizable: walls are drillable and can be painted for personal preferences This unit sat on patio for ~3 months, then inside garage for 15 months. Held water tanks and electronics. Price: $200 OBO Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01BHUVOX8 HomeDepot Link: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Keter-High-Store-4-6-ft-x-2-5-ft-x-5-10-ft-Resin-Vertical-Storage-Shed-227474/206485297 *** Dude, or junk in shed not included. ***
  14. 1p lc Darwin vamp 50$ 1p Aztec sun 40$ 1p cb galactic explosions 50$ 3p hyper jubilees. 50$ 1p gb rainbow trolls 40$ questions or interest text me at 12392840341 open to trades
  15. 2p blue lagoon 2p tsa raptor rainbows 6p emeralds on fire 1p pink constellation 3p pink hippos all frags are 20$ each question or interest text me at 12392840341 Open to trades
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