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  2. Need a controller with power bars. Five08 441 seven881
  3. Hi. That's a bit too far unfortunately. I'm by West Palm. Thank you though!
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  5. Hi, I am sorry I just saw your post! I am in south fort myers. I usually meet people at Lowe’s on gladiolus and 41.
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  7. I'm interested in the acan and monti. What is your location? Deb
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  9. Big Acan and Zoa Duncan Frag sold
  10. Acan Frags: big one $20 smaller one $15 (has 3 little heads on the side also) duncan and Twizzler zoas: $20 monti Frags: $10 each will 239-565-8684
  11. 2 big 4"+ bubble corals $50ea 1 head green torch $25 Call or text Todd 239-738-4188
  12. I have two TSA Bill Murray frags and one TSA Fruity Pebbles available for sale. TSA Bill Murray - $150 each TSA Fruity Pebbles -$100
  13. Also confucia, forest fire digi, and Jedi mind trick
  14. I have sunburst cap, Superman, reverse Superman, red/green grafted cap that’s turned all red (I hear it can turn back) and green with blue polyps cap 2393046229
  15. Massive coral sell off. Preparing early for a tank breakdown or possibly a tank swap. Everything for sale. PM me what you’re interested in and I can give you prices. Or just come on by and I guarantee you won’t leave disappointed. Many members here have seen the deals I give. Free frag and / or frags with every purchase. Selling frags or whole colonies. Better deals the more you buy. All types of corals located in Naples, golden gate city, 34116. feel free to txt any time and I’ll get back to you ASAP (239)304-6229
  16. Selling two ocean revive t247 led units. White full spectrum / blue channels controlled separately with built in timers. Have the legs shown for each, and remotes as well. Great condition. $100 each. Naples 34116
  17. Looking for higher end montis. Been on a kick lately
  18. Sorry apex el is gone but still have the Neptune auto top off and water pump
  19. I'm in Naples. The Reefbrite XHO-K30 add-ons are the Atinic lights, peak at 430nm.
  20. Where are you located? What color leds? Atinic I hope
  21. Is the apex still available? Very interested
  22. Neptune apex EL & breakout, vbm moduleand sensors- $350 Neptune auto top off kit $100 Neptune water top off pump $50 39gal bow front tank stand and sump and 50watt jebao dc return pump-$350 AquaMaxx HOB-1.5 Protein Skimmer-$100 Reef Seneye- $100 coral box dosing 3part container-$40 Hygger temp controller for heater -$10 Box tech multi-function suction pump to clean sumps -$20 never used
  23. Acrylic Frag Tank $300 20x20x8 Including Aqamai KPS pump, AI Prime, and diy stand. Everything about 1 1/2 yr old. All frags left in the tank $5-$10 ea. Sps, lps and zoas. Todd 239-738-4188
  24. Text me when your available please. 941-740-0367 drew
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