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  2. If anyone has one laying around they don’t want, let me know! Thanks !
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  4. Hello, I’m Scott, just wanted to reintroduce myself and get started on documenting my tank build. I’m still in the early stages of piecing together plans to get back into reefing. I moved to Tennessee from SWFL almost 4 years ago and took my 150g tank down at the time. I’ve got a ton of respect for the SWFMAS community and knowledge base, and was hoping you guys would welcome me back, even though I don’t live in the area anymore. I’m very much a DIY guy; but along with that comes some tendencies to cut corners and half-ass anything I think I can get away with. I’m sharing my plans and progress from the very beginning, hoping to get some input and guidance along the way. I may be an idiot, but I’m a coachable idiot, so if you have any advise it’s greatly appreciated. I brought a lot of equipment with me when I moved, and just picked up a used 75g tank a few days ago. Here’s what I have so far: 75g reef ready tank 55g homemade sump Reef Octopus skimmer Jebao return pump and powerheads JBJ ATO & 2.5gal top of tank Several 5 gallon buckets full of rocks/sand Now that I’ve secured the tank, I’m moving my attention toward building the stand. It’s going to be a little tricky building a stand for a 48” tank over a 48” sump, but I’m planning to oversize the stand a bit so I can fit the ATO tank next to the sump. Right now my head is spinning a bit trying to prioritize what steps to take and how to set everything up. In the past I’ve ended up with some minor regrets around layout/setup/plumbing decisions so I’m trying to make sure I’m setting myself up for success this time around. Not much picture worthy at the moment, but I moved the sump to it's new home and got a quick picture of the tank as I started cleaning it up a bit.
  5. Mine were about 2 years together when they started to breed
  6. I want to ask How long does it take clownfish to pair? and Will my paired clownfish breed?
  7. This is old post Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  8. Are you interested in buying? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  9. When you use an aquarium CO2 reactor, you will not even see the bubbles in the water. The reason is that the gases have already dissolved in the water right inside the reactor. Aside from a couple of bubbles that make it out, the reactor dissolves 100% of the CO2. This means you will be getting your money’s worth on your CO2 tank.
  10. The suction holds well as a good grip & the motor is a workhorse—great flow as well, almost too much due to the size constraints of the 30C I have it in; using the sponge it came with was a baffle for the outflow & I replaced that with a polishing pad to catch teeny detritus. I have the ISTA aquarium reactor set to run at 30-minute intervals to save energy and allow shrimp to escape if they get caught inside.
  11. Have a nuvo 20g drop off, rimless glass not acrylic version. Has IM mini d/C return, plenty of filter socks, neotherm heater, biocube stand and a lid made for biocube that fits well enough. It's currently up and running, been trying to sell the breeding clowns from it without luck. It's stocked with some nice carpet anemones, couple rare mushrooms, and Wen's toadstools. Shoot me your best offer, pickup in Matlacha. 20220709_152540.mp4 20220709_152540.mp4
  12. Looking to buy tank or tank setup that’s less than 30 gallons. Preferably an aio or sump system, but open to other options
  13. Based on the marine forecast, Dania Beach it is. Seas in the morning will be less than a foot. We will meet in the parking area on Charleston St at 10 am. For your GPS, plug in 201 Charleston St. Dania Beach. Note that this is a pay to park location.
  14. Would like to sell my clowns, they are spawning about every 11 days. We're sold as lightning maroon as tiny juveniles, she has some gold around her neck, and he is a little stud, would classify them as bullethole maroons. I'm tired of her biting my knuckles during water changes. $250 for the pair, $400 with the big green carpet. Text 85O-57O-1423, pickup in Matlacha
  15. Our June meeting will be our annual snorkel trip. The meeting will be at 10 am on Saturday, June 25. Location will either be Dania Beach in Broward County or Peanut Island in Palm Beach County. We will check the marine forecast on June 22 and send out an email blast for whichever location will have the better marine forecast. Option 1 is to meet at Charleston Street and hit the reef straight off of the beach. You can see the reef line in the pic below. You can also visit the Carpenter house a block south while there. If the water is a little rough, we will go with Option 2. That is the ferry to Peanut Island. Peanut Island is protected from the waves as it is on the backside of the barrier island. there is a designated snorkel area around the southeastern side of the island. there are artificial reef structures easily visible in the photo below to snorkel around.
  16. I may not get them all listed here... spare drive, spare power supply, 8 spare impellers and cages, 2 spare frames. Only 1 controller, 1 pair of magnets and 1 power cord (wall to power supply). I also have a Maxspect Gyre with a few spares, but I'm debating whether I want to keep it or not. Although I could be talked into selling it if somebody offered me enough cash... or some flashy corals or anemones??? Ron
  17. What kind of spares? Getting a new tank pretty soon.
  18. I have a Jebao/Jecao CrossFlow Gyre wavemaker with lots of spares. Free to a good home. Call Ron at 239 699-6339. If I don't answer (I don't live with my phone at my side) leave a message and I'll get back to you. Or send me a text message.
  19. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/regal-150sss-6-space-saving-protein-skimmer-varios-reef-octopus.html New in box. $500 firm
  20. Have a 125 gallons for sale cuz thinking to upgrade
  21. While it’s been several years, I am a reasonably experienced marine hobbyist. What i not familiar with is the very latest marine tank technology. I travel a bit and will have to rely on reliable technology and a relatively inexperienced hobbyist (on a daily visit basis) for feeding (perhaps a reliable auto feeder would be a consideration) but, with a very experienced hobbyist a phone call away. I’m looking at a 100-125 gallon swim tank setup (no invertebrates, at least in the beginning, because they may complicate care needs) and, understanding my situation, want to use the newest, finest and most reliable technology available anywhere to setup the tank……putting the price tag aside. I am also open to “backup systems” in case any aspect of the primary equipment fails. Bottom line: I am ready and willing to spend “what it takes” to give the fish optimum tank conditions. It’s a lot to ask and I appreciate any input.
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