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Esv Salt Group Buy W/ Optional Bionic Add-Ons

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Hey guys! A lot of people having been asking about ESV Salt mix so I want to start a group buy from Ron’s Reef for 200g boxes. The cool thing about ESV is you can customize the Calc,Alk, and Mag of your salt mix as well as fully mixing and ready to put in your tank in 10 minutes. Really doesn’t get better! Ron said he will personally drive down the salt for our frag auction/garage sale. Below is all the buy information, any questions at all let me know! Also there are other add-ons from Bionic available!


Buying from: Ron’s Reef


Cost: 80$ per 200g Box with free shipping


Quantity to Hit: 10 Boxes


Dates: May 8th - May 16th


Pickup/Shipping: Will be brought to next meeting May 24


Payment: Cash or Paypal




E.S.V. B-Ionic Seawater System Salt Mix w/ Measuring Supplies Information




E.S.V. B-Ionic Seawater System Salt Mix - Makes 200 Gallons of Saltwater


A unique solution to many of the problems associated with all dry synthetic seawater blends.



All dry blends may not be homogenous resulting in considerable chemical variations not only from batch to batch but also from within the same container. Aggravating this further, humidity contamination during storage can result in localized precipitation reactions.



B-Ionic® Seawater System avoids these problems by providing the two dominant salts in our formulation in separate containers. All other major, minor, and trace elements are pre-dissolved in a highly concentrated two component liquid system. These dry and liquid components can easily be measured for any size batch of synthetic seawater.



It is now recognized that most reagent grade salts can contain contaminants (trace metals, etc.) at levels which may inhibit the growth of some algae species from low nutrient environments (oligotrophic) such as coral reefs.



B-Ionic® Seawater System addresses this issue by providing ultra-low heavy metal Sodium Chloride (max. allowable less than half max. allowable for reagent grade sodium chloride) and USP grade Magnesium Sulfate as the dry components of the system. In addition, all other chemicals pre-dissolved in our liquid components are subject to our three phase purification process resulting in significant lowering of contaminants, including phosphate.



Many all dry blends take excessive time to completely dissolve. Addition of newly mixed batches to the aquarium can cause irritation to inhabitants upon exposure to non-dissolved salt micro-particles.



B-Ionic® Seawater System avoids this problem by providing all of the slower dissolving ingredients in a pre-dissolved solution form. Batches can be used within 10 minutes of preparation with no adverse effects providing initial RO and/or DI water contains sufficient dissolved oxygen.<br style="mso-special-character: line-break"> <br style="mso-special-character:line-break">


Zap Glue


.11 oz. 2.99


.70 oz 10.99




1Lb 13.49


3.5Lb 23.99


Calcium Alkaline 2-Part Splits


32oz 13.99


64oz. 22.49


2 gallon 33.99


(Ex. 2 gallon = 1 Gallon Calcium 1 Gallon Alkaline)


Individual Calcium or Alkaline 2 Part


17.99 1 Gallon




32 oz 14.49


1 gallon 22.99




14oz 12.49


3.5 lbs 22.49


CR - 1 Box

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To avoid confusion the salt mix for 80$ comes complete with everything you need. The addons are just other gernal maintenance addons/additives for separate use.



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