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Instant Ocean Salt Group Buy (Joefish Aquatics)

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The original post vanished so I'll try this again.

By popular demand we have brought this group buy the the SWFMAS Forum, anyone may participate.


Group buy happens when the minimum of 20 boxes are paid for: (EX: 10 people buy 2 boxes each = 20 boxes and the buy happens)

All boxes must be paid for by 5pm Friday February 28th and you pay at the store. All salt will be in store for pick up on Friday March 7th.



Where you go to pay

Joefish Aquatics

16440 S. Tamiami Trail (US 41) Forest Plaza

Fort Myers, 33908



As people pay I will add the names to the list here in this thread so scroll down to the last post for the most current tally.

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IMO why pay extra for something Thats not enough anyway.

So what do we get extra in RC?

Calcium, Magnesium and Trace elements.

I personal haven't found a "reef salt" yet that can keep up with the demands of a well stocked tank and I still have to dose all 3.

In the long run its much less expensive to buy the extras in bulk and save on salt.

And believe it or not this was explained to me buy a LFS years ago and it still makes sense to me today.

Regular IO is the way to go.

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You are right Dave.


But if I use regular IO to do a major water change it throws off my water parameters enough that it screws up my dosing levels. If I use RC, it's putting in new water that is close enough to the same alk, cal and mag as what I'm taking out. So my dosing levels just continue and I don't have to do any adjusting. It's not a big deal, but then the RC in a 200g box is only $10 than IO. So for me it's not about cost, it's about convenience. And yes, I do save a sh... a lot, using Dowflake, Mag Flake, pool supply soda ash and bulk Epsom Salts. These chemicals that I get in bulk cost me $130 and if I bought the same amount from BRS they would cost me more than $450. So spending the extra $10 on salt doesn't bother me.


But there is nothing wrong with your approach either. I used regular IO for many years before I switched. Especially since Drs. F&S ship RC for free even if that is all I order. If I get IO then I need to add something else to the order to make free shipping. Again, it's not a big deal, but it's easy.

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