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SouthWest Florida Marine Aquarium Society

Group Buy: Dry Rock From Florida Live Rock

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Joefish Aquatics is offering the following group buy: (open to everyone)


"Dry rock" from (Florida live rock) $1.99 per pound.

The price offered here is the same as on the Florida live rock website, you are getting free delivery courtesy of Joefish Aquatics. We will travel to the facility and hand select the rock then transport it back to our store. Rock will be brought to the Store for your pick up on January 25th and you will have two weeks to come get your order .


Each person must pre-order and prepay for the rock by January 15th, at our store.

Minimum individual order is 20 lbs, no maximum individual order, Minimum total order to make the group buy happen is 100 lbs (ex. 4 people order 25 lbs each that makes 100 lbs and the buy happens)


In addition to saving on delivery charges Joefish Aquatics will donate to SWFMAS $0.50 per pound for every order in this group buy if the buy happens.


Feel free to post questions or comments here and I will answere as quickly as I can.




Q: I want to buy other items from Florida live rock will you pick them up for me when you get the dry rock?

A: No


Q: What is the savings to me if the price is the same from the website?

A: You have to pay the shipping charges when buying rock that isn't part of a package that includes shipping.

(ex. 30 lbs of dry rock plus a seed rock $99 incl shipping) <- that's more than $3 per pound.


Q: Can I pick the rocks I want when they get to the store?

A: Yes, first come first served.


Q: If I want more rock once I get to the store can I pick it and pay for the extra?

A: Yes, first come first served, but the extra will not be included in the $0.50 per pound donation to SWFMAS.


Q: How do I now if the buy is going to happen?

A: I will post, in this thread, a running tally of the orders once it hits 100 lbs the buy will happen.

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