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Raffle And Goodie Bags

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While I'm lounging around watching football, I thought I would try to be productive.


So, I'm taking inventory and putting together goodie bags.


Foster and Smith donated about 55 goodie bags. Instant Ocean donated about 25 cases of various products.


So, I am "upgrading" 20 bags for the volunteers. Basically, it will be packed with Foster and Smith "stuff" plus one each of the IO products (see, it does pay to volunteer). Any extras will go to the first registered bidders after the volunteers.


The next 20 bags will be upgraded with some IO stuff, but not as much as the volunteer bags. These bags will go to the first 20 registered bidders after the above bags are given out. So, it will pay to get there early!!


All bags will be upgraded with IO food samples, sample frag packs from the Alternative Reef and the latest edition of Reef Hobbyist magazine.


The remaining bags will go to the remaining bidders as they register. We probably have enough for every bidder, but no guarantees.


Note that Goodie Bags are one per bidder/household and not one per person!


We also have some raffle items from late donors/sponsors and a few odds and ends left overs from early in the year.


Late sponsor items are:


Eshopps - PSK-75 Protein Skimmer

Bulk Reef Supply - BRS GFO and Carbon Reactor with 2 pounds of GFO Granular Ferric Oxide

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