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SouthWest Florida Marine Aquarium Society
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This is the "official" frag auction registration forum. Registration is for those selling corals. You must be a paid SWFMAS member to sell corals at the auction.


You do not need to be a paid member to buy corals at the auction. Registration to bid is the day of the auction and is open to all.


The Auction Rules are:


  • All corals must be registered by September 30, 2012
  • Registration consists of listing the corals for sale in this forum and posting a pic of the parent colony or the actual frag (your choice) in this forum.
  • If you choose not to post pics in this forum, they may be emailed to jeff@swfmas.com (still due bySeptember 30)
  • Auction split is 75/25 (75% to the seller, 25% to SWFMAS)
  • If you wish to have a minimum bid, please post it at registration
  • There is a maximum of 3 corals, per type, per person (in other words, you may bring 3, Hollywood Stunner, not 4. Also, you may bring 3 green digitata, 3 red digitata and 3 purple digitata. You may not bring 4 of each color)
  • There is a maximum of 50 corals per seller.
  • There is a maximum of 10 corals per type. Once we hit 10 of a given coral, no more will be accepted. This is first come, first served.
  • There is no auction maximum!!!
  • Every year, we have a few corals donated to the club. As always, these are welcome and will be auctioned at the end. We request that you preregister donation corals. But, this is not a requirement.

We call this a frag auction. But, it is really a fundraiser for the club. Any marine livestock is acceptable. If you are raising clownfish, cardinals, etc., we would love to see them. In years past, we have auctioned, macro algae, fish (donated from ORA), inverts and clean up crews (donated from Frank's Marine).


Please use the following format to register livestock:


Quantity (how many frags are you bringing), Scientific name (if you know it), common name, minimum bid (if you have one)


For Example


3, Montipora digitata, Red digitata, No reserve

3, Montipora digitata, Green digitata, $5 each

1, Montipora delicatula, X-Factor cap, $10

1, Montipora delicatula, X-Factor cap, $20

1, Montipora delicatula, X-Factor cap, no reserve

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