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SouthWest Florida Marine Aquarium Society

Fmas Frag Swap Is May 12Th

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1. This year we will have a workshop.


Tony Vargas and Eddie Steinman will show newcomers how to set up their first reef. boldred.gifboldblue.gifSo those that have friends interested please let them know.


Between those two guys we probably have half a century of experience. Even those that already have a tank and want to learn something new. We all know something new is always lurking out there. silly.gif




2. If you have not yet become a member, this is a bit of advise. DO IT NOW!! headwally.gif We will have lines for those that are already members that will of course go through quicker than those just joining.


If you just recently joined/renewed dont expect a badge by then, we have all our resources working on this project. BUT WE WILL HAVE A CURRENT LIST AT THE EVENT.




More great equipment, dry goods, and coral sellers have continued to join. Dont be left out!!


So far:


Blue Seas

Reef Gardener

Roggers Reef Food

Jason Fox Signature Corals

World Wide Corals

Frag Junky

Cornbred Corals

Piscine Aquatics

Roggers Reef Food



Reef A Holics

Rileys Reef


Ship Wreck

Next Reef





The price will be $20 for non members.


Members, or members of any other Florida Marine aquarium Club---- Free!!

Membership is $20 for single, or $30 for family. High School Students or younger are free. ID required for all of the above.




More great raffles items are coming in as we speak. Most recently:


Roggers Reef Food



All Fish



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Do we have a location and times? Some day somebody is going to twist my arm and I'm going to go to one of these.


Ron :)/>/>

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