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SouthWest Florida Marine Aquarium Society
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2012 Florida Club Events

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As swaps and conferences are known, I will post them here with a website link to the event.


March 31 - PBMAS - Frag Swap, West Plam Beach http://www.pbmas.org/

April 14 - SWFMAS - Reef Conference (that's us!)

May 12, FMAS Frag Swap in Plantation

July 21 - SCRC - Reef Conference, Melbourne http://www.spacecoas....com/wordpress/

August 4 - TBRC - Tampa, Reef Conference http://www.reefconference.com//

October 21 - SWFMAS Frag Auction (also us!)

November 10 - ACROS BBQ and Auction

December 9 - Jax Reef Club Frag swap www.jaxreef.org

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Hey Jeff,


Any data yet on the 2013 nschedule for other clubs? Or even a date that you guys expect to have a schedule together? Really, I'mm looking for any good dates for events on the east (SE) coast of Florida. Thanks.


Ron ::)/>/>/>

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Only dates confirmed so far are Coral Con and MACNA. This is an odd year, so Orlando will not have a conference. TBRC has already stated they will not have a conference, but will have a swap. With MACNA in Lauderdale, the FMAS and PBMAS swaps may get changed around next year.


In other words, too soon to tell.

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