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SouthWest Florida Marine Aquarium Society

Fossil Hunting Trip to Brownville

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On Sunday, May 26, I will be fossil hunting at Brownville Park (north of Arcadia on the Peace River).  This is not an official club event, but was pretty popular the last time we did it.  So, save the dates (May 25 SWFMAS meeting with Marc Levenson and May 26 play date in the river!)


Address: 1885 NE Brownville St, Arcadia, Florida  


Itenerary is very simple


9:00 (ish) - meet at Brownville Park.  Park at the south end of the parking lot and walk down the trail, cross a small creek and jump in the water to start hunting sharks teeth


11:30(ish) - head back to parking lot for a hamburger/hot dog cookout (you bring side dish, desserts and a couple bucks to cover meat, bread, drinks - not a formal SWFMAS event, so club is not picking up food and drink costs - Jeff will be shopping)


12:30 (ish) - head up the north trail out of the parking area to the north gravel beds and do some more hunting


Sometime before the sun sets - head home


Very simple itinerary!! Join/leave at your own leisure.


If you do plan on attending, I would appreciate and RSVP below to make sure we have enough food.  Include and +1's. Also, post what you plan to bring as a side;




Jeff (jdhuyvetter) - buns, hamburger meat, cheese, tomato's, ketchup, mustard, drinks

Jonathan +5 (wife and 4 munchkins - drinks and chips

Rick and Lisa - veggie tray

Matt and Heather - ??

Adolfo - ??

Charlie - cookies

Bryan and Shauna - chips

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RickO and LisaO will be at the parking lot at 9:00. Veggi tray



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