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Sick Gladiator clown?

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So I was looking for some ideas. I have an awesome little Gladiator Clown fish who is not eating. I was hoping it was just a temporary thing. Its been about three days and he is still swimming fine. He has been eating great over the past few months. If you didn't know he was not eating you almost would not think anything was wrong. I have him a a lee's breeder box inside my display. He does not seems stressed but will not eat garlic soaked Mysis, Brine or pellets.  I was wanting suggestions on how you would treat him. I think it my be a intestinal problem because he has no signs of ICK, Velvet, Flukes, or anything like that. No cloudy eyes. Nothing. Early today I thought he had some clear string hanging underneath him, but I don't see that anymore. I would like to QT Him but am not sure how to treat him and I am also nervous about that because I my only option is a 20 gallon non cycled tank and I will be out of town this weekend. Someone should start a fish QT business lol. Honestly I would appreciate any ideas. I really like this guy and want him to get better. Thanks for your time. 





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