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Hi Everyone!

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Hello Reefers,

I am somewhat new to this forum, since I have jump ship from Reef central! Anyways, I just tore down my old 120 mixed reef since I am making room for my new Customer Rimless SCA 150 build. 

It took me over 2 yrs to design this system and the display and all of the gear I choose to run it. It's finally time to move on the next part of this journey!


Just a little back ground on me, I was born and raised in FL all of my life and grown up around  the water all of my life since we only lived about 5 minutes from the beach. I am an Advanced Diver who has over 250 dives logged since I become certified in 1991. Ones I started diving ship wrecks & reefs down in the FL KEYS and around the world, I was instantly hooked and wanted an saltwater fish tank. We are talking around the early 90s, is when I had my first saltwater tank and every since then I haven't looked back. Here some photos of my tank I just took down that has been thriving for over 14 yrs. 


Please feel Free to flow along on my SCA 150 build thread below: 

 ** FLSharkvictim / Custom Rimless SCA 150 Build ***


My 120 Mixed Reed @ 7yrs: 


Mixed reef @ 9YRS OLD: 



Frog & Octospawn Lps CORALS 



This Ultra Blue claim I got at #RAP in Orlando in 2017 which its something I wanted to keep and add into my new tank so my buddy has it at his LFS.




Here is a shot of the new custom sump I had made at the time and how I plumbed it.


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