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Aqua Medic skimmer - cheap or free

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I have a very used Aqua Medic Turbo Floater 5000 Shorty with a spar collection cup. I had this on my 400 gallon system and it did a fine job. This unit has been through a lot and has some ugly repairs… but it still works. The OcearRunner 3500 pump is only about 2 years old. They sell new for $685.00.  see link:  http://www.saltwatertogo.com/aqua-medic-turboflotor-5000-shorty-compact-protein-skimmer.html


If you have a big system and want a backup skimmer, this could be just the ticket, cheap and functional!

I only want $50 for it as I think the OceanRunner 3500 is worth that much to me as a spare pump. It cost over $130.00 new. It's FREE if you don't want the pump!


The photo is from the internet. If you want to see real photos, contact me and I'll text them to you. It's very used and ugly, but it's only $50... or free if you don't want the pump!


46533992072_f839c4fe10.jpgskimmer by Ron Lindensmith, on Flickr

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