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Free 1hp AquaEuroUSA chiller

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I have an AquaEuroUSA 1hp chiller you can have for free.

It’s 7 years old and it still cools water as well as it did when it was new. I used it on a 400g system and then a 210g system.

Now that all I have is a 40g cube with led lighting, I don’t need it anymore.


Being perfectly honest, it has issues. The bottom and sides are a bit rusty and the built-in thermostat has failed. But I have a new, in the box, Ranco thermostat controller that can run the chiller. The chiller was $1100 new and costs $1300 now, the new thermostat was $45 new and has not been used!


Given its old, rusty and has a failed thermostat, I’m giving it away free! If you need a backup for your big chiller, this can do the job.

The Ranco remote thermostat is new in box and I'll take $30 for it.


Reply here, send me a PM or send a text to 239 699-6339.


These photos are from ads on the internet. If you want actually photos, text me and I'll send whatever you want.


45449741501_633c12eb61_z.jpgScreenshot 2018-10-20 10.37.27 by Ron Lindensmith, on Flickr



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I'd be interested in it in case of a power outage or ac outrage if no one else needs it. 

If someone else can use it or needs it, I'd rather them have it. 

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