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Selling my 55 gallon tall saltwater tank. 

This tank has well over 120 pounds of live rock. The tank has been running for around 6 years.  The tank has a maroon clownfish and a designer ocellaris that get along great for the last few years.  There is a very large toadstool, and tons of star polyps, mostly on the overflow. 


There is is a massive colony of zoas that I plan on keeping, along with a large rainbow anemone.  If you are very interested in buying the tank as is, we could possibly work out a number, but most likely I will keep these few pieces.


Included in this deal is:

120+ pounds of well established live rock 

2 beautiful clownfish 

a few 3-4 year old damsels

a massive green toadstool mushroom.

a stand, I will also throw in the canopy the tank came with.

a brand new maxspect razor r420

a Sump 

I will sell the set up for 800.

let me know if interested, I believe it will sell quickly!






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