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New SCA- Rimless 150 tank build

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Many thanks!!! I have an update!! My Synergy CL-44 SUMP came in! Good news and bad news!!! 


Before I get into it, I just want to show you how gorgeous Synergy's work on sumps are and my 10-gallon matching ATO Container.

The craftsmanship is out of this world w/ Superior quality! WOW.

I could not have been happier after a 6 week build.








You're not going to believe this, I had an unexpected emergency from FedEx with my sump which blows my mind since how well Synergy packaged up my sump. 

#FedEx really dropped the ball on my $1200.00 sump and ATO Container. Now, FedEx is a proud owner of a brand new cracked sump. lol 

I could not believe, I truly could NOT especially with all of the stickers that were all over the box! 



As soon as I found the stress cracks, I contacted Rick over at Synergy & immediately Rick called me and told him the quick story and then I sent him all of the pictures of the packaging and the box and where you can see where someone from FedEx dropped it. #Synergy stepped right up so I WANTED to share this b.c these are the kind of stories that you don't hear a lot about. After telling Synergy what all took place, Rick over at Synergy apologized and said every now and then this happens unfortunately which is totally understandable. After sending all the information to Rick over at Synergy, he said they will put mine front and have his team start on mine immediately. This time is only going to take 2 or 3 weeks for them to build it since when i ORDERED mine when Synergy had a few sumps they needed to make before mine so that is why it original took 6 wks. The normal delivery is 3-4 weeks. TALK ABOUT A COMPANY THAT STANDS BEHIND THERE PRODUCTS! Synergy immediate took care of the problem and now my new CL-44 Sump back in production.. Now, that's the kind of companies I like doing business with. 



Here are some pictures of the stress cracks due to shipping and handling..just my luck...lol 




oUCH :(



More Update to come,




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