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SouthWest Florida Marine Aquarium Society

Chris Frag Auction Items

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If it not to late to get in.  

1.  Blue Tort

2.  Blue Tort

3.  Blue  Tort

4. Hammer Coral

5. Hammer Coral

6. Hammer Coral

7. Pink Blue and Purple Stylo

8. Pink Blue and Purple Stylo

9. Pink Blue and Purple Stylo

10.  Pink Birds Nest

11.  Pink Birds nest

12.  Pink Birds Nest

13.  Eagle Eye Zoas

14.  Eagle Eye Zoas

15.  Eagle Eye Zoas

16.  Jason Fox Pumpkin Patch

17.  Jason Fox Pumpkin Patch

18.  Jason Fox Pumpkin Patch

19. Green Tort

20 Green Tort

21. Green Tort

22. Candy Cane

23. Candy Cane

24. Candy Cane

25 Grape Caulerpa

26 Grape Caulerpa

27 Grape Caulerpa


28 Blue and Green Zoas

29 Blue and Green Zoas

30 Blue and Green Zoas

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I have PMed you your seller's list and instructions. Let me know if you have any questions. Also please respond on the forum to confirm that you received the PM.





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