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Frank's Marine Donations

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I'm taking mom to Key West next weekend.  I will stop and raid Frank's new shop on the way back.  No clue what he will have, so the list below is my best guess based on what he almost always has in stock.  If he has any oddball stuff, I will grab that too.  No more than 25 items (oops, I can't count....30). These are all club donations.


1. Red Serpent Star

2. Green Serpent Star

3. Brittle Star

4. Brittle Star

5. Green Sea Urchin

6. Astrea Snails, 5 lot

7. Astrea Snails, 5 lot

8. Astrea Snails, 5 lot

9. Astrea Snails, 10 lot

10. Astrea Snails, 10 lot

11. Blue Leg Hermits, 5 lot

12. Blue Leg Hermits, 5 lot

13. Blue Leg Hermits, 5 lot

14, Blue Leg Hermits, 10 lot

15. Blue Leg Hermits, 10 lot

16. Blue Leg Hermits, 25 lot

17. Emerald Crab

18. Ruby Crab

19. Yellow Cucumber

20. Tiger Cucumber

21. Red Sea Urchin

22. Emerald Crab

23. Ruby Crab

24. Rock Anemone #1

25. Rock Anemone #2

26. Rock Anemone #3

27. Multicolor Serpent Star #1

28. Multicolor Serpent Star #2

29. Multicolor Serpent Star #3

30. Multicolor Serpent Star #4

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Just got back from the Keys and put everything up. List updated based on what I grabbed.  I texted Matt while down there, so the updated list above is the list that he included in the master auction list he posted earlier.  I have pics, but am going to bed.  Will post tomorrow.

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for getting these auction items.

Can you provide some information on Franks Marine? There maybe some (I am one) who are unfamiliar with them.

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