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SouthWest Florida Marine Aquarium Society

Wayne's Auction list

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Hi Wayne,


Once you have completed your list, please reformat according to the posted registration rules:


Please list every item separately, for example, if you have 3 Red Cap frags, please list them on 3 separate lines in your auction thread. Do not list them as 3 x 1" Red Cap as this makes it harder for us to count and ensure that each item is properly registered and accounted for.


For example:


1. Montipora Capricornis sp., Red Cap (1" by 1" frag on plug) - no minimum

2. Montipora Capricornis sp., Red Cap (2" by 2" frag on plug) - $10 minimum

3. Montipora Capricornis sp., Green Cap colony (10" diameter on rock) - $35 minimum

4. Zoanthid sp., Red Hornet zoanthids (8 polyps on plug) - $20 minimum






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1. Black Finger Sponge
2. Black Finger Sponge
3. Black Finger Sponge
4. Alien Eye Zoas Colony
5. Blue Ridge Coral
6. Blue Ridge Coral
7. Blue Ridge Coral
8. Blue Mushroom
9. Blue Mushroom
10. Blue Mushroom
11. GSP Colony
12. Lettuce Coral
13. Tyree Neon Green Toadstool
14. Tyree Neon Green Toadstool
15. Tyree Neon Green Toadstool
16. Green Hairy Mushroom Pack at least 5
17. Green Hairy Mushrooms 2 Pack
18. Green Hairy Mushroom


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I have PMed you your seller's list and instructions. Let me know if you have any questions. Also please respond on the forum to confirm that you received the PM.





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