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Free Clownfish Pair

Okay, so which one of my loyal customers wants a free pair of clown fish from the best clown fish breeders in the industry? Simply come into the store, buy any marine aquarium related item, now until Saturday at closing, and you are entered into the drawing for a free pair. One entry per customer. We will post the winner on our facebook page. If you don't follow our page its time to hit that button.

Attention clownfish lovers!
Would you like to pick a FREE WYSIWYG Bonded Clownfish Pair from Sustainable Aquatics?SA's mission is to support our aquarium hobby, which means we need to support our LFS! We will send you AND your LFS your pick of WYSIWYG pairs on your local shop's next order from SA! Just have your store send us your name and choice of pair along with their next order, and we'll send you and your shop your pairs!

*Limit one promotional pair per store
*Premium Bonded Pairs exempt from promotion

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