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Nick James




I am from southwestern Ontario, Canada and I am coming to Miamia Beach Florida and Key West this coming March. I have had a 90g tank and currently have had my biocube 29 running for over a year with predominantly sps frags. I have approximately 32 different SPS frags in my "farm" 2 different branching cyphastrea, Miami hurricane chalice, JF Jack O Lantern Lepto and a few zoas.


I have a 220g display and am in the process of setting it up, buying equipment. As you can imagine, the biocube has run out of room!


I joined your forum as I saw RonReefman mention it on another major forum and thought this would be a good place for advice on your local shops, and potential snorkel locations during my stay. My in laws own a condo on south beach and we do come down on occasion to vacation.


I hope you don't mind me joining and perusing through the forums from time to time.



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Hi Nick - we sure don't mind. Welcome!


However, we're about 2.5 hours drivetime from Miami Beach.

The local clubs in that area will be:

FMAS (http://www.fmas1955.org/) https://www.facebook.com/FMAS1955/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/FMAS1955/


I don't recall if the Palm Beach club is still going, but there is/was one there as well...




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There are members here that may help with contacts over there. You can also be a member here as well. We do a Keys trip in June to the Keys. Plus if you have time our meetings are usually well known speakers. Our Reef Conference is one of the best for local clubs. Our speakers, vendors and raffles are great. Check out www.reefconference.com for more info. It is in October and we post info for it here and on the conference website.

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Hi Nick. So I'm not 100% clear, are you going to be visiting down here in March or are you moving to the area?


I can't be of any help with the Miami area as I avoid it like the plague, way too many people, way too close together and way too much traffic. Now the Keys on the other hand... my wife and I go to the Keys (mostly the Middle Keys) about 4 or 5 long weekends a year. It's quite different than Miami or Miami Beach. It's relaxed, laid back, and most people are on 'island time'.


We are in SW Florida which is just about due west of Miami on the Gulf of Mexico rather than on the Atlantic Ocean. The water is calmer, the people are friendlier and the area is only crowded for 3 or 4 months of the year with snowbirds and tourists. We also get a lot less hurricanes over here compared to the East Coast or the Keys.


BTW, we do have some folks from Ontario here in the area. In fact my dad was born and raised northwest of Toronto in a small town called Stratford, just up the road form London. And although not SW Ontario, my mom was born in a small mining town on the north shore of Lake Superior called Cobalt. They met and raised a family just across the river from Windsor, Ontario. A little place called Detroit. LOL!


If you have questions, feel free to ask away.



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I am just coming for the week. My in laws own a condo in south beach and they do allow us to use it if we ask and they aren't using it.


I have been researching what I would like to collect to bring home with me, and have narrowed it down to mushrooms, zoas, certain photosynthetic gorgs (purple or black candelabra). Not saying if I find a softy or anenome that catches my eye I won't collect, but those are what I am seeking out.


I'd love to find some nice LFS to buy some zoas/ mushrooms we don't have here in Canada, or are rarer to come by.


I am getting my 220 gallon DT set up and will have some room to fill ;)


Just drilled it and moved it to the rec room.



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