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Raffle Rules

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For those that have never been to one of our conferences (or those that forgot the conference raffle procedure), below is how the raffle works.


1: Last call to buy raffle tickets is at 2 pm. Note that the Reef Conference says 2-230 pm for Last Call. I will make the last call for selling tickets at 2 pm. You will have until 230 pm to put tickets in the raffle drawing containers.

2: Raffle is a Chinese style raffle. Meaning you buy a sheet of raffle tickets and they all have the same number. You keep the stub and the raffle tickets go into the raffle drawing containers

3: Each sheet of tickets has a "Door Prize" ticket that is slightly larger than the other tickets on the sheet. This is your "Grande Prize" raffle ticket. If you do not want the Grande Prize item, you can use this ticket as a regular raffle ticket.

4: You cannot use the regular raffle tickets as a "Grande Prize" raffle ticket!!!!!!!!!!! You want to put 10 tickets in the Grande Prize, you need to buy 10 sheets.

5: Livestock raffle tickets are a different color and are sold individually. You cannot buy a regular raffle sheet and use them for the livestock raffle. The livestock raffle will be on a separate table from the other items to help prevent any confusion.

6: EXHIBIT HALL CLOSES AT 2:30 PM. IT REOPENS AS 3:30 PM. We do this so the volunteers can pull raffle tickets and tape them to the prizes. Unless you are a volunteer or a vendor, you will be asked to leave for this hour. Most people catch the speaker at this time. Some hang out and chat with friends in the lobby. Your choice, we just want people out of the hall so the raffle goes fast and smooth.

7: When the exhibit hall opens back up, we will have a live drawing of the Grande Prize. You must be present to win!

8: After the Grande Prize, we will have a live drawing of the livestock raffle items. you must be present to win!

9: After the live drawings, you may pick up your winnings at the table. Volunteers will confirm your ticket numbers at the raffle tables.

10: You must be present to win frozen foods or live foods! If you are not present, 10 to 15 minutes after the last live drawing, we will do a last call of the unclaimed frozen and live food. You will have 5 minutes to claim. If not claimed, we will draw the next ticket. This drawing will be live until we have a winner.

11: You do not need to be present to win "dry goods". For the raffle, dry goods are anything that is not live or does not require refrigeration. So, liquid aquarium additives will fall in this category. KEEP YOUR TICKET STUB. The next day, we will post on the SWFMAS website the winning numbers. You will have 30 days to make arrangements to claim your prize. You may also claim your prize at the November meeting. Hence why you need to keep your ticket stubs! After 30 days, any unclaimed prizes become SWFMAS property (ie raffle items for monthly meetings)


These rules will be repeated at the meeting. If you have questions or need clarification, ask when you buy your tickets.


For a list of manufacturers that have donated raffle items: http://www.swfmas.com/forum/index.php?/topic/12284-conference-raffle-update/


List only includes items that have been received. It does not include items that will be brought by the vendors or have not yet been received (still expecting a couple boxes in tomorrow's mail)

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