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Neptune Apex @ Joefish Aquatics

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Joefish Aquatics is proud to announce we are the only APEX authorized dealer in the area. While our some of our competitors are charging high prices to pay for million dollar buildings, we are making the hobby more affordable and investing in the quality products you deserve. Thanks to our great relationship with APEX we are able to match the prices found at the online retailers. At Joefish Aquatics there is no waiting for the UPS driver because we have them in stock.


Check out the Neptune website for more details: https://www.neptunesystems.com/

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Nice to know. I think I'll need some probes soon. Are you going to offer code writing help?

I'm still looking for the "any key" on my keyboard. Certainly not writing code, but luckily as an authorized dealer I have the super secret number to call and ask for anything you might need.


Also probes should be plug and play.

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