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Brian Green Bbq feedback

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Since we're close to Turkey Day, we wanted to extended thanks to all those that helped in BBQ last night. We finally got to bed at about 2am after trip home and taking care of our newest additions to our tanks.


Thanks to Brian and his family for hosting last nights BBQ. You have a great home and some pretty amazing saltwater set ups.


Thanks to all the volunteers who helped organize the event, cooks who did great job cooking the food, the helpers in the kitchen keeping everything stocked and organized.


A huge thanks to Matt, Heather, Jeff and Wayne from SWFMAS and Josh from Tampa Club for your efforts with the auction. You guys did a great job thru some tough challenges last night. You guys are awesome and thanks again.


It was great to meet some new friends and fellow reefers and share some great stories about our hobby.


Matt and Jenny

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I had a blast! Dave and I were the last ones to leave. I was able to get to bed about 3:30 after taking care of my purchases and cleaning up. Charlie, Wayne (yes there is another one) as well as others on the grill did a great job! The inside crew were great to keep things flowing inside. Huge thanks to Brian for hosting such a fun event. I always learn new things going there. I still have a little work to do with the frags since I got some big pieces and I need to find them a good home. I also want to mount some of the frags in my display tank. I will post pics when I get some.

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I agree whole heartedly!! Had a great time meeting new people and seeing people I knew! Didn't get to stick around for the auction (sure Jeff did his usual great job) because Brian sold me a beautiful pair of clowns! Had to get "Hansel and Gretel" into their new home! Looking forward to next year already. Al and Marlyn

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I want to send out a huge thank you to all volunteers! Here are some of our dedicated members! Although I did not get a pic of the auctioneer (Jeff) because he was already blinded because he kept walking into the light of the projector!




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