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Cubed Reefer

Cubed Reefer's Table

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Hey guys! I will have a lot of stuff for sale at my table and just wanted to share a list of stuff I am bringing.



- Skimmers ( Cadlights, SeaSide Aquatics, Etc.)

- A couple Eheim heaters

- A 3 Head Doser

- Brand New Filter Socks never Used (6x Drawstring 4x8" and 6x Plastic Ring 4x8")

- Some used Filter Socks

- Current MH/T5 1x150w DE MH 4x24w T5 Includes: 4x Blue Plus ATI and 4x MH Bulbs (14k Phoenix, 2x10k Ushio 1x Radium) w/ Hanging Kit

-JBJ ATO w/ Aqualifter

- Neptune Aquacontroller Jr. (AKA Old style Apex)




-Temp Probe

-PH Probe (Stored Wet)

-Packets of PH calibration fluid (7 and 10)

-All Wires and connections


-New in Box Jebao DC12000

-Bags of Zeolites

-Lots of Random Bottle Treatments and Additives




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