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Group Buy From Rc Rtom Member Copps

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Hey guys,


So I am currently searching for select Digitata frags and came across Copps (John Coppolino his Reefcentral Tank of the Month article) after inquiring with a few online vendors. While getting a price on a particular frag I want (ROAB Digitata), he mentioned if the purchase amounted to $300 bucks, it would be free shipping. Considering shipping is usually about $35-$40, I figured why not see if anyone here (SWFMAS) might be looking for some choice pieces at really good prices.


This is his PM to me on Reefcentral:




Sure Christian... you can check out this thread from last year... I have 26 of the 33 frags available from this thread... I do not have 2, 5, 8, 10, 16, 31, and 33.




I leave tomorrow for a work trip through next Friday the 23rd, so I will not be able to prep any frags before then. So if you want you could start a thread and put a deadline of the following Saturday the 24th if you like. I could then cut whatever frags that Sunday and get them healing for a week. Many things I already have mounted.







Let's go ahead and make the deadline, as he suggested, the 24th. You won't find frags like these in our area, and definitely not at these prices (Especially if we can get free shipping!!!). Clearly John's ability as a reefer is renown, and he even left feedback from prior dealings in that same thread on RC. Being a stay at home Dad, I can be here and ready to receive frags the moment they arrive, and my tank can house them well. I always recommend trying to pick up the frags while they are still bagged, but understand that everyone's schedule is different. If you want references about my tank, just ask Ron, Viet, Matt K., etc.




Christian Cavanagh

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I do not frequent reef central, so I can't view it. Or I can make like 44 more posts, and they will let me, pretty sure that is not going to happen. Any other way you can post the list?

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Sounds good Icy, I am wanting three frags of his ROAB Digi.


Electrobes - 3 X $25 (#17) = $75

Icy1155 - 1 X $75 (#7) and 1 X $70 (#9) = $145


Total = $220.00



lol we are already almost there!




I do not frequent reef central, so I can't view it. Or I can make like 44 more posts, and they will let me, pretty sure that is not going to happen. Any other way you can post the list?



I am not sure how I can do that, mainly because each of the listings have pictures, and I am sure you'll want to see that.


Maybe Wayne knows a way around that?



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I do not frequent reef central, so I can't view it. Or I can make like 44 more posts, and they will let me, pretty sure that is not going to happen. Any other way you can post the list?



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I PM'd you Marco, hopefully you know how to view the thread without being a full RC member, I'd love for everyone to see the list who can't.


You interested in anything? We gotta get you into this group buy! :)/>



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Here you go for those of you who can't access RC. ENJOY :)/>/>/>/>

1. CITR Red Dragon- A super unique Acro… I got mine directly from Tony at Coral in the Reef… a very unique growth form, showing some of the finest branches you'll see on an Acro with a beautiful color on top of it all. For those that have waited for the price to drop, now’s the time… 1 ½” to 2” $50 larger pieces available



2. Copps’ Aussie Azure stag- a STUNNING solid blue stag… this is just the second time I’ve offered this incredible piece… 1 ½” $150



3. Copps’ Calacali Acro- beautiful tricolor-like colors on a staghorn-like super unique growth pattern. 1 ½” $60





4. Copps’ Orange Mary Monti- first time release… this monti is an amazing bright orange! After so many years hardcore into SPS it’s great to find things I’ve never seen before… grows just like the Tyree Bloody Mary… plating and encrusting. I assure hard core SPS guys will love this piece. ¾” $125



5. Copps’ 24 karat milli- Another first time release… it’s nearly impossible to find a true solid bright yellow Acropora… most with bright yellow have other colors, and most that are called all yellow are actually green. This is a solid yellow and even better it’s a milli! 1” $125



6. Bella’s Acro- Recently released… and another super unique growth piece… these days I get more excited over unique growth forms such as this, yet this is also a beautiful pink. 1 1/2” $60




7. Copps' King Tut- A gorgeous Acropora tutielensis I got wild many years ago that has become a superstar. The growth form on this coral is amazing! A thick plating/tabling species… photo says it all! 1” $75



8. Original 20K lokani- this guy grows slow but what a unique growth and beautiful color… a must have for the collection and great for lower light areas where other sps wouldn’t keep their color… 1” $60


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9. Copps’ Bright Green Efflo- Most true efflos are brown with varying degrees of purple… this guy is totally different and solid BRIGHT green… such a unique piece… 1” $70





10. Blue monster tort- This is a beautiful staghorn originally from Jason Fox. Grows in a staghorn form like the Cali tort but some corallites appear like the Oregon… a wonderful and unique combination… 1 ½” $60



11. Copps’ Down Under Rainbow Undata- This thing is SICK, a wild piece I got from Australia a few years ago with a rainbow of color on the base and orange polyps… in a true undata... if you like encrusting montis this is a must have! 1” $75



12. Copps’ Turquoise Hoek- Another very special Acro I got wild years ago… a true turquoise in a hoeksemai to boot! 1 ½” frags $50



13. Copps’ Blueberry Miyagi Tort- a beautiful piece that is a unique blue that is sort of teal as shown in the pic … a much more true blue than the original Cali “blue” tort (which is more purple)… 1” $65



14. Tyree lime in the sky- the original… a must have stag… an electric green with blue tips and a beautiful contrasting blue base as frags grow out… 1 ½” to 2” frags $50



15. Reef Tech Starburst Cap- Not your average red cap! This guy gets bright orange/yellow contrasting polyps on a bright red base, and has forced many of the “I don’t want any more caps” guys to eat their words! 1” $40



16. Copps’ Hulk milli- A beautiful milli with a purple base and green polyps- 1 ½” $40





17. ROAB digitata- a blast from the past… the original Reefer on a Budget purple base green polyp digitata… I finally tracked this down again a couple years ago after missing it for years! 1” to 1 ½” $25



18. Bright Pink Hyacinthus Table- A bright pink table that LIVES! Wild tables like this are well-known for being very tough to adapt and keep, but this coral does well with good water quality and flow. 1” $40



19. Copps’ purple slimer formosa stag- many stags have colored tips… this is a solid purple stag! 1 to 1 ½” $35



20. Tyree LE Bali Tricolor Acro- Over ten years since imported, a famous tricolor… 1” to 1 ½” $40



21. The Original Frag Farmer Red Hot Chili Pepper Monti- a well-known beautiful unique plating monti from long before the Australian invasion… this is super bright and tough to capture in a photo 1” $25



22. The Original Miyagi Tort- This name has been thrown around for years now, but this is the original Miyagi tort. This coral was bought years ago by local DC area reefer John Nguyen (va_reefman) who received the third TOTM on Reef Central way back in April 2002. We started calling him Mr. Miyagi because he groomed his corals like Mr. Miyagi with his bonsai trees. This gorgeous coral is actually probably A. austera, and is thick branching and light purple as shown under 10k/14k lighting, and shows dark purple with a green tint under 20k… 1 ½” $25



23. Tyree Sunset Monti- One of the most well-known encrusting montis… and for good reason… yellow/green polyps on an electric red base… ¾” to 1” $25



24. Purple Edge Green Plating Cap- A beautiful scrolling green cap with a deep purple growing edge… 1 ½” $25



25. Frag Farmer setosa monti- a deep red monti with a unique growth form 1” $25



26. Forest fire digitata- a beautiful digi with a contrasting base… under higher light base will get more green… 1 1/2" $20



27. Tyree Flower Petal Monti- Bright purple and white polyps on this LE plating monti… 1 ½” $20



28. Green slimer- the fast growing bright green stag (to the left in the picture) 1 ½” $15



29. Purple Satin Porites- This coral is a nice contrast to acros and montis and is a deep purple… it plates/encrusts/bulbs/branches as shown in the pic… 1” to 1 ½” chunks $15



30. Penn State scrolling red Monti cap- a beautiful bright red monti originally from the Penn State reef tank… 1 ½” $15



31. Original Atlantis Pink Polyp Cap- A well-known plating monti with LARGE bright pink polyps… 1 ½” $15



32. Highlighter green plating monti- Bright green fully plating monti that sends up columns when colony gets large… 1 ½” $10



33. Tyree Idaho Grape Monti- A well-known purple plating monti with ridges as shown… 1 ½” $10


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Please put me down for one of each of the following - #1, #3, #19 and #28.


I sent you a PM as well.


Thanks for putting this together.



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I apologize about missing the Monday mark, yesterday was an astoundingly annoying day, spending four hours I didn't want to give up with AT&T, so my Dad's business would go from paying $800 a month to a far more normal $315 a month. Anyways, I am compiling the official list today, to send to John (Copps). Again, I apologize for the delay.



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Here is the end total for the group buy from John (Copps):


The Requested List:


Electrobes - 3 X $25 (#17) = $75


Icy1155 - 1 X $75 (#7) and 1 X $70 (#9) = $145


dbl - 1 X $50 (#1), 1 X $60 (#3), 1 X $35 (#19) and 1 X $15 (#28) = $160


Total: $380.00 (Free Shipping)

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