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Found 3 results

  1. Selling my 55 gallon tall saltwater tank. This tank has well over 120 pounds of live rock. The tank has been running for around 6 years. The tank has a maroon clownfish and a designer ocellaris that get along great for the last few years. There is a very large toadstool, and tons of star polyps, mostly on the overflow. There is is a massive colony of zoas that I plan on keeping, along with a large rainbow anemone. If you are very interested in buying the tank as is, we could possibly work out a number, but most likely I will keep these few pieces. Included in this deal is: 120+ pounds of well established live rock 2 beautiful clownfish a few 3-4 year old damsels a massive green toadstool mushroom. a stand, I will also throw in the canopy the tank came with. a brand new maxspect razor r420 a Sump I will sell the set up for 800. let me know if interested, I believe it will sell quickly!
  2. Anyone has a sump in there garage collecting dust, no longer using. LMK 30 or 40G must have a section for skimmer, return and refugium PM pics, dimension and price
  3. USED Lifereef Sump/Refugium/Calcium Reactor for sale This was custom made to fit into a cabinet below a 150 gallon tank. It is about 5 years old. Worked great! I can sell sump/refugium/calcium reactor separately or together. (Total $550) (Separate: Sump with dual reactors $200) (Separate: Calcium Reactor Group $300) (Seperate: Refugium $150) This picture brand new. Today Sump for 150 Gallon Tank Dual pvc inlets Bio Ball chamber/rubble Media Reactor Pump/Skimmer pump chamber Main Pump chamber Dual reactors with valves Probe holders Bulk head/pvc for external skimmer (have Aqua C ev) Bulk head/pvc for refugium tank connection main pump not included (mag 18) pump not included for reactors (think it was a 5) 20" tall x 23" wide x 13" deep For sale $200. Calcium Reactor Goodies LCR1 calcium reactor for up to 300 gallon reef tank. (retails $469) Quick Dis-connectors (retail $55) (makes changing out media easier) pH probe mount incorporated into reactor (retail $36) (probe not included) CO2 aluminum tank (retail $99) CO2 Dual gauge with solenoid and needle valve (retail $144) (very nice and solenoid works great!) Built in pump works great! FREE: extra media and extra CO2 tank (extra tank comes in handy so you always have a reserve when you run out) Total retail value new $803. www.lifereef.com For sale $300. I have changed to dosing 2 part, that is reason I am selling. Refugium Acrylic clear front and black sides/back PVC inlet and outflow Holds about 10 gallons 18" tall x 14" wide x 13" deep Has a light included For sale $150. Please text or email 239-213-8175 wclyon01@comcast.net
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